Howling winds shriek past Phendryimoth’s tower hidden away on a remote isle in the arctic sea known as the Haraglace. Many Magi would say this is the last waning stronghold of magic. A pair of mages graduate from the tower, the most infamous magic school of all Covent. They have accomplished what few casters ever achieve in a lifetime. Davril and Edronius have attained ranks only breathed in legend.

The two mages return to their homeland only to find that the world has changed. Magic has been abolished in Doljinaar. Magehunters now hunt down magi for bounties with a brtual prejudice. Hoping to aid magic's plight, the two mages seek out the magic Gates of Mindrasteral to find the tattered remnants of the High Mage Order, but doors shut at every turn. They disagree.  Davril wants to join the legions, but Edronius has other far wilder plans.

Yet their paths are destined to cross with a host of other unlikely companions. Festan La Faun has always a happy-go-lucky Faun with nothing to fear, only music to play and pipeweed to smoke. Making monsters and beasts dance for the sheer giggles and joy of it, happens to be one of Festan's favorite pasttimes. Yet after the irresponsible Faun meets a giant and his wife things take a turn for the worse. People happen to get misplaced and so an unlikely party forms with the two mages volunteering to help to go after a lost friend.

And so begins their quest across the dark and vast Karus Forest in search of the fabled Enchanted Wood and beyond. Yet bandits, giant magical guardians, Trites, Doelms, Drakor, dragons and a very dark and angry magehunter lurk along the way.  The companions must escape the many perils of Karus Forest and push beyond to the fiery mountains of Dorruggdoom...

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