The Blackclaws [black-claws]:
The Blackclaws, also known as the Blackclaw Order, are the only unit of Unseen Assassins in the Bloodmoon Division, under General Sien. The general entrusts the Blackclaws with many stealth and secretive missions, although all of them honorable. General Sien is a large critic of assassins in general believing all combatants should have the honor to face their enemies head on in the field. He does employ a large number of Unseen Guardians in the north, however, although most are assigned to guarding Jui-Sae's vast borders.

Captain Anosh [a-nosh]:
A Faelin who shirks any highborn status or title, Captain Anosh has always found his place in the dredges of society. Considered by many Faelin to be the luckiest Dark Elf alive Anosh is something of a rogue, a gambler and a card shark. He commands the Blackclaws and has greatly aided the war in the north.

Captain Anosh has a dark history, but is loyal to his general to his dying breath. Anosh spent many years as a thief in Nefar and his origins even before that are even more clouded. He reformed his life after nearly being caught in a sweep by King Solshistaar at Nefar many years ago and has since reclimbed the ranks to win Sien’s favor. Anosh has lived under several names, but has succeeded in shrouding most of his past in secret. He once brushed shoulders with a Dark Elf named Shade.

Lieutenant Japeth [jay-peth]:
Lieutenant Japeth is about as an off-the-wall right-hand Dark Elf as one can get. Japeth is the first lieutenant of Captain Anosh, of the Blackclaws. Japeth acts more like a savage than a decorated officer, opting to forgo even a shirt of armor to paint himself to look like a fierce tribal warrior and strike fear into the hearts of all his enemies.

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