Blazingsun Division [blaze-ing-sun]:
The Blazingsun Division is the royal division of Jui-Rae and under the direct command of the king of Jui-Rae. It's primary purpose is to protect the capital and do as the king commands. The Blazingsun Division is comprised of the widest range of units including Sunlords, Woodguard, Sun Mages, Rangers, Fire Archers, scouts, heavy artillery, light cavalry and the king's own elite unit of Sunguard.


King Ariston
King Ariston is a wise and fair ruler. He is commanding but gentle. He was groomed to be king and trained in the royal Sunguard Order. He carries a legendary flaming blade. He has had a good, but hard rule broking a semi workable peace with King Solshistaar in the midst of an age old war. He loves his daughter and his queen with all his heart, both good and admirable Elf maidens.

High Sun Seeress Quinlan [quin-lan]:
The High Sun Seeress Quinlan, or just Sun Seeress for short, is the highest religious figure in the kingdom. Quinlan is also the most powerful magician in the kingdom, a master of Sun Magic. He is the king's most trusted advisor and tutor of the young princess. He is old, but wise and well respected among his people.

Specialized Units

The Sunguard [sun-guard]:
he name of the royal elite guard, comprised of only the greatest of Woodguard. Sunguard are entrusted with the royal secrets of the flame, so they are the only other unit other than the king himself, and his brother General Ka-ling, who carry the flaming blades. It is believed these blades are blessed by the sun goddess Dalinaria herself. The flames of Dalinaria protect the royal family and exact its wrath on all foes of shadow or darkness.

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