The Bloodburners [blood-burn-ers]:
Officially renounced by the state of Doljinaar, the deadly human mercenary army known as the Bloodburners live by their own leave. Feared all of the world, the Bloodburners black deeds have become legendary and highly feared. They are a pack of ruthless greedy brigands and pillagers who have known only war. They have grown rich on fat contracts for the Merchant Guild, Gildron and even Doljinaar, before their war crimes become so grave Doljinaar was forced to renounce the mercenary company to save face.

The Bloodburners are comprised of the nasty collection of human nationalities, mostly war veterans such as Braznians, Brigorians, Grulls, Tuls', Doljinns, Vespuvians, Haradrik  as well as Dwarves, Dwarmen, Gorums, half-breeds and even the Wild Dwarves of Ak'rim. The Bloodburners get involved in the Elf Wars when they are hired by a loose alliance with the Shamite Sheik and their greed for black bone and deep Elvish riches enflame their hunger.

Brigadier Danzig [dan-zig]:
Danzig is the commander of the feared human mercenary army known as the Bloodburners. The Bloodburners have appetites only for gold, blood and war. They have been accused of war crimes on many occasions, the worst of which occurred far off of Doljinn soil. Danzig is a tough, semi-levelheaded Braznian, who is as smart as he is dangerous. He like most of his company craves the excitement and spoils of war, knowing no other way of life.

Danzig has shown the ability to show self-restraint, unlike others of his red-blooded clan who through reckless feats of bravery cause most Braznians never to reach old age. The brigadier is still bold, but cunning in the use of his forces making him highly prosperous. Danzig has let go of many of his prejudices, expanding the Bloodburners beyond humans to include many other deadly and powerful clans and races.

Winnapeg [win-uh-peg]:
Winnapeg is Brigadier Danzig's right-hand many and money-counter. A rough character for a Shamite, Winnapeg still hasn't lost his love for gold. His fealty for the Bloodburners has come at a high price, since two of Murkeg's misdirected explosions costs him a hand and a leg.

Dennithul [den-i-thal]:
The second favorite bodyguard of Brigadier Danzig on the Bloodburners, Dennithul is a ruthless knife master, a Tulestine by clan. Bred and born to be a warrior, Dennithul is one of the deadliest killers in the entire mercenary company. He is short on patience except when in battle where he has been known to pick apart his foes with a surgical precision and a chilling ice-like demeanor.

Bulgarath [bul-gare-eth]
Bulgarath is one of Brigadier Danzig's most trusted bodyguards on the Bloodburners. Bulgarath is more bronze than brains, a typical lumbering Grull with a serious odor problem, but a juggernaut of a fighter. Bulgarath is obsessed with finding "pretties" as he calls them, which comrades have come to understand means women.

Murkeg [mur-keg]:
The loony Dwarven leader of the sappers, of the Bloodburners. Murkeg is a munitions expert and pyromaniac who enjoys watching things go boom. Miraculously, Murkeg has never blown off any body parts except for a few teeth, singed hairs and the occasional scar (he would consider himself lucky if he were that smart). Danzig and the other Bloodburners are happy to indulge Murkeg’s sick twisted amusements except for the occasional case of friendly fire.

Specialized Units

Dwarven Sappers [sap-ers]:
The Dwarves have grown renowned for their discovery of gunpowder, of which they have put to many uses such as building explosives. Dwarven Sappers have grown quite fond of their love of blowing things up, but at times can be careless and cause certain munitions to backfire. Dwarves have also discovered uses for tobacco and flares that can even aid in spotting Unseen.

Gorum Wallsmashers [wall-smash-ers]:
The Bloodburners have no need for battering-rams, not with a handful of Gorums in their ranks. The giant lumbering Gorums have giant fists capable of smashing down even castle gates. A heavily armored battle Gorum, fitted in full Dwarven plate, is also capable of breaking through enemy lines.

Wild Dwarves of Ak'rim [ack-rim]:
Wild Dwarves grow wild red unkempt beards and hair. They are the wildest of warriors and the Bloodburners have recruited a small but formidable unit. Wild Dwarves are known for their suicidal feverish blood frenzies that shows no fear and rushes headlong into any enemy. Many men say that Wild Dwarves are the long lost cousins of Braznians due to similar fiery temperament and comparable red hair.

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