Aagren [a-grin]:
Aagren is captain of the Majesterium, the royal guard of Doljinaar. He never leaves the king’s side. Aagren carries a two-handed battle-axe in one hand and a tower shield, which is a testament to his impressive strength. Aagren's chief duties go beyond guard duty. The captain of the Majesterium oversees the maintenance of the Old King's Tunnel and choses recruits worthy of the trust of the royal family. Only the Majesterium and a few other select subjects are entrusted with the location of the Isle of the Hidden King.

Aagren was an orphan, born out of wedlock to a maidservant and abandoned in the frozen fortress of the Isle of the Hidden King. He wandered about the secret passages for some time causing mischief. He was caught stealing a loaf of bread and was about to be executed. Something about the boy and his sad condition made an impression on King Magnus. King Magnus ensured the boy was raised in a family close to the Majesterium. Aagren never forgot the king's kindness and devoted his entire life to the protection of the king.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Altaar [all-tar]:
An ambitious seer of the Sun Seer Order, of Jui-Rae, Altaar is known for his outrageous jewelry, buttery tongue and showy speeches. Altaar is renowned for the pomp and flare he pours into his religious ceremonies, though many would question his true devotion to his sun goddess, Dalinaria. There are some in the order who would describe him as a sponge who grows his own ego off the light of his goddess. Altaar is a powerful caster and a master of Sun Magic, possibly the greatest of his day.

Altaar has been assigned to the Morningstar Division as clergy for moral support and to offer the soldiers services and prayers to Dalinaria. These are duties he shirks far too quickly, growing fast entangled in the chain of command under Elflord Keneb, who despises him intently. Altaar has been involved in the war in the south in the Ashwood, though few of Keneb's division have come to accept him as part of the army. Long is the line of Elves who do not trust the shifty Sun Seer and many suggest he is hiding far worse behind that flashy grin.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Ambassador Zzazzrin [zazz-rin]:
Ambassador Zzazzrin is a rich slave trade merchant and a shrewd Syssrah. Zzazzrin is native and loyal to his homeland of Sssyrinya, of the snake-people—the Syssrah. Zzazzrin is the Syssrian throne’s appointed mouthpiece to the Black Ring. The Syssrah’s economy also depends heavily on its own slave trade, so the Syssrian nobility are not coy when it comes to selling other mortals into slavery, even members of their own race. Over time a relationship has developed between the Black Ring and the Syssrian slave trade which has blossomed into a corrupt but mutually lucrative partnership.

Ambassador Zzazzrin and dozens of rich Syssrian merchants like him trade regularly at Lockheart Harbor. It is one of the only safe human slave ports for Syssrah anywhere in the world, being both in a hidden location and accessible through the Sea of Mourning. Zzazzrin and many generations of ambassadors before him have grown rich leeching off the Black Ring. These Syssrian nobles have developed a good trade relationship with the Black Ring and have been offered the Right of Nobility. At times western slave-trappers catch more valuable Syssrian nobles in their nets, and the Black Ring allows Syssrian delegates to repossess any noble caught by western slave traders at a high price. If the right is used, the Syssrah will go free, but at a high price. The noble house, who the freed Syssrah belongs to will usually end up having to pay the Syssrian slave traders back with interest.

Amon [a-men]: See King Amon, the Puppet King

Anosh [a-nosh]:
A Faelin who shirks any highborn status or title, Captain Anosh has always found his place in the dredges of society. Considered by many Faelin to be the luckiest Elf alive Anosh is something of a rogue, a gambler and a card shark. He commands the Blackclaws, the only unit of Unseen Assassins under General Sien, in the Bloodmoon Division. He has greatly aided the war in the north.

Captain Anosh has a dark history, but is loyal to his general to his dying breath. Anosh spent many years as a thief in Nefar and his origins even before that are even more clouded. He reformed his life after nearly being caught in a sweep by King Solshistaar of Nefar many years ago and has since reclimbed the ranks to win Sien’s favor. Anosh has lived under several names, but has succeeded in shrouding most of his past in secret. He once brushed shoulders with a Dark Elf named Shade.

Arctavin [arc-tay-v-in]:
A wealthy, but honest wine-vender who resides in Ashton. Arctavian overseers the import of fine wines, grapes and other delicacies from all over the kingdom. Arctavian’s beloved daughter was murdered by the Shamite conman, Oisleean, who also swindled her out of part of the family inheritance. Arctavian sent Oisleean a darkly wrapped gift far sharper than a bottle of wine.

Argnor [arg-nor]: See King Argnor, the Cursed

Ariston [air-es-tonn]: See King Ariston

Azarr [azz-ar]:
Not much is known about the mysterious dragon-man Azarr, except that he is noble highborn and hails from his homeland, the fiery mountains of Doruggdoom. He claims to be a part of a secret order that shall restore the glories of his people, though he is quite boastful for one claiming to be a part of a secret order. Azarr like all Drakor born and raised in the Tower Cities despise all other races, considering themselves to be the supreme race. He claims to worship the spirit of Dorugthul, the Spirit of All Power, who shall one day return, retame the dragons of the mountains and conquer all the world. Azarr claims Dorugthul grew angry with Shade after the assassin killed Lewd’s Hand, who Azarr claims was one of the secret order’s spies in the Kurn sewers. Azarr will stop at nothing for vengeance.

Azranoff, the All-Powerful [az-rah-noff]:
Few names are repeated in the histories with such a shudder as Azranoff. Azranoff’s great magics nearly laid waste to Doljinaar itself and left hundreds of thousands dead all over the kingdom. He was an ambitious black robe and the most powerful of the Ascendant Wizards. Azranoff was one of the few magic-users to ever achieve the Greater Powers of magic, but he left a terrible mark on the world.

During the third War of the Robes, Azranoff and a small handful of other wizards attained the Greater Powers. The Ascendant Wizards warred all over Doljinaar laying waste to entire cities and leaving wounds on the lands that have never fully healed. Azranoff eventually overcame the other wizards and absorbed their powers. He flew his flying citadel, Azranool, against the very walls of the capital itself.

Azranoff would have destroyed the City of Kings had Jaradin, the Wise not interceded. Jaradin was a white robe who had also attained the Greater Powers, but shunned his own accomplishments. He finally fought Azranoff to save Doljinaar. Azranoff and Jaradin flew through the skies and battled like gods of magic. They went down fighting with the citadel which sunk into the Ice Marshes. Azranoff is a large reason why magic is now largely distrusted in Doljinaar.

Bardik [bar-dick]: See Magistrate Bardik

Bearus [bare-us]:
Bearus was a burly Brigorian ruffian who came into Shade's tavern with the gall to start some trouble. Needless to say Bearus and his bands of ruffians were living on borrowed time the moment they stepped foot into The Dragon's Den.

Bearus was a cold-hearted mercenary who spent most of his life outside of his tribal forest home. He was influenced by Western Culture living in Doljinaar and earning his bread through blood money. He took great joy in taking life and far darker delights. He was good with an axe, but it was only a matter of time before his mouth caught up to him.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Blackguard Thuldin [thull-din]:
Blackguard Thuldin is a scoundrel of a soldier with no honor. An ex-Doljinn soldier Thuldin is a deserter of the legions of Doljinaar and mercenary. He has enlisted has a member of the Blackguard, the greedy band of sellswords who offer their service to the Black Ring. The Blackguard is well paid by the Slavelords of the Black Ring and is responsible for the defense of the slave ports and dungeons. Thuldin spent much of his military career manning the cold rainy walls of Daggerport for the Doljinn Navy. He considers his service to the Blackguard part of his retirement package, as he spends his evenings with the company of lewd women, pipeweed, hard liquor and his days watching his enemies be disemboweled, , especially Syssrah, at the slave port of Blackburn Harbor to his own dark amusement.

Boazz [bo-az]:
Boazz was once a prominent noble, an advisor to the ruling Kaleemah of Ssssyrinya. After a violent takeover, Boazz’s noble house was culled due to its loyalty to the overthrown ruler. The practice of culling nobility is an all too common practice in the long treacherous lines of rulers of the snake people. Boazz’ entire family was killed, but he barely managed to escape the culling. He fled south impoverished, but still alive where he was caught in the nets of western slave traders, more commonly known as the Slavelords of the Black Ring.

Braadok [bray-dock]:
A Minotaur wanderer first captured by poachers off the island of Kildore. Braadok is a warrior of tremendous size, pride and stature. He managed to slay his captors after they reached port on Doljinaar. Unable to sail back to his homeland, he fled Kurn (making quite a mess in the process). He has been wandering Sylvane for years trying to get back to his homeland. Braadok was recaptured by slave-traders in the sands of the Great Waste. He developed a soft spot for a short Grumling slave named Rumsfeld while in chains. Braadok broke out of slavery again, but Rumsfeld was caught in the escape. The slavelords are trying to use Rumsfeld as bait to reclaim their prize bull Minotaur.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Brazen [braz-en]:
Brazen is the golden bull god of the Minotaur. Worshipped as a symbol of strength, Brazen’s many tall golden idols can be seen from afar on the isle of Kildore, where the Minotaur live. The Minotaur honor Brazen through burnt offerings and service in battle.

Brigadier Danzig
Danzig is the commander of the feared human mercenary army known as the Bloodburners. The Bloodburners have appetites only for gold, blood and war. They have been accused of war crimes on many occasions, the worst of which occurred far off of Doljinn soil. Danzig is a tough, semi-levelheaded Braznian, who is as smart as he is dangerous. He like most of his company craves the excitement and spoils of war, knowing no other way of life.

Danzig has shown the ability to show self-restraint, unlike others of his red-blooded clan who through reckless feats of bravery cause most Braznians never to reach old age. The brigadier is still bold, but cunning in the use of his forces making him highly prosperous. Danzig has let go of many of his prejudices, expanding the Bloodburners beyond humans to include many other deadly and powerful clans and races.

Brigworm [brig-worm]: See Captain Brigworm

Brunswig [bruns-wig]:
A Dwarven slavelord, Brunswig commands a band of slave-trappers in the dying hills just off the Great Waste. Brunswig’s heart and hide has grown hard from years of trapping in the violent sands of the Great Waste. Brunswig is a hardy, foul-mouthed Gutter Dwarf, who lives up to the dark reputation of the Dwarves of Ogden. His mouth, although it may not make sailors wince as much as say your typical Gutter Dwarf, is a cesspit of vile and dastardly orders. Brunswig is a cruel, ruthless slave-trader who enjoys trapping night mortals, breaking them and shipping them overseas to a fat profit. He hopes to one day ascend to the much envied position as a Slavelord of the Black Ring. For now he has been regulated to arduous work of slave-handling.

Art contributed by artist Rob Joseph 

Broshanks [bro-shanks]:
Broshanks is a Doelm shaman who was captured by western slave trappers, after fleeing his homeland of Gorgloth. Like many Doelms, centuries of civil war in the Doelm ruined lands led Broshanks to strike out west in the hopes of a better life. Broshanks was captured by human guards at Thorbannon while trying to sneak into Karus Forest and turned over to the Slavelords of the Black Ring.

Bulgarath [bul-gare-eth]
Bulgarath is one of Brigadier Danzig's most trusted bodyguards on the Bloodburners. Bulgarath is more bronze than brains, a typical lumbering Grull with a serious odor problem, but a juggernaut of a fighter. Bulgarath is obsessed with finding "pretties" as he calls them, which comrades have come to understand means women.

Bwedrig [bew-drig]:
Bwedrig is the hard-working, potbellied Doelm barkeeper and owner of The Green Barrel tavern in the Kurn sewers. Bwedrig's smoky green ale is famous for its strong kick and lures patrons from even the city proper above.

Bwedrig is a world class drinker. He keeps a moldy green barrel of old stale ale in the back that buzzes with flies. Bwedrig takes on all comes and may be challenged to a drinking contest. The winner must down the disgusting green barrel, but no one has ever drunk Bwedrig under the table.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz 

Calendra [cal-in-dra]:
Ka-ling's loving wife and mother of two. Calendra is one of the burning strength's behind the infamous general of Jui-Rae. She fights for her kid's welfare in the midst of a horrible war and is a voice of reason in Ka-ling's life.

Callette [ka-lette]:
Ka-ling's eldest child and daughter. Callette is full of life and enjoys riding horses with her father. She takes good care of her younger brother and the pair spend many of their days in haylofts and exploring old barns.

Captain Aagren [a-grin]: See Aagren

Captain Anosh [a-nosh]: See Anosh

Captain Brigworm [cap-tain brig-worm]
Captain Brigworm is one of the most famous slave ship captains of the Black Ring. He has completed thousands of voyages across the Sea of Mourning, delivering tens of thousands of slaves for sale. He is an experienced sea captain and a man cold of heart. It is said that Brigworm took a pact with the sea goddess, Vespus, who replaced a severed hand with a sea worm larva. The sea worm has been joined to his wrist, so that it is now part of his body. Through the worm hand it is said that Captain Brigworm can suck the blood out of the very veins of his victims. He also carries a reed whistle that is said can summon two Giant Sea Worms, causing night mortals to fear him greatly.

Captain Dennev [cap-tain den-ev]
General Ka-ling's right-hand officer and most trusted advisor on the Dawnshroud Division. Dennev is a good match to Ka-ling's fiery personality, staying even and logical at all times. Dennev is a keen strategist and an expert marksman, even despite losing a eye in battle many years ago.

Captain Dugan [cap-tain doo-gan]
Captain Dugan is an ex-Doljinaarian officer who has joined up with the Black Ring, after being honorably discharged from the legions of Doljinaar. Dugan has not shaken much of the honor code held by the Doljinaarian military, so he is often considered weak by other slavers. Still, he is loyal to Slavelord Brunswig and can be trusted to fulfill the duties of his station without treachery.

Captain Gregor [captain greg-ore]
The most tenured captain to ever have served under Lord Sadora in the Shadowhand Division. Gregor's precursors have had a habit of dying quickly with every failure that invokes the displeasure of Lord Sadora. Gregor is a rough Dark Elf, but tough and competent. With any luck he'll be Sadora's captain for years to come.

Captain Harrington [captain hair-ing-ton]
Captain Harrington is a seasoned ship captain of the Doljinaar navy. The tried and true sea captain has spent most of his life on the Sea of Mourning, fighting the Syssrah in defense of Daggerport. He has grown tired in his of service, but he is still well respected. A man of low upbringing he is well respected by his troops, but sometimes called a Pig Noble behind his back by nobles of higher birthright.

Captain Hulus [captain hull-us]

Captain Hulus is a pureblooded Doljinn naval commander of noble birth. He was granted the high station at too young an age due to his highborn blood and no small amount of strong-arming from Sheik Jestier, before the sheik’s untimely death at Shade’s hands. Hulus’s highborn status has him beating out the tenured Captain Harrington for the position of fleet admiral, a maneuver that is bringing him the envy of the troops. Hulus is a young, ambitious, but arrogant man who many believe lacks the experience to counter the deadly combination of Syssrian mind powers and the snake ships of the northern seas.

Dalinaria [del-in-ar-e-a]:
Dalinaria is the sun goddess of the Elves, who they worship as their sole deity. Dalinaria is worshipped often as the sun itself, or a radiant blazing war goddess with cloaks and sword aflame. Elves consider the sun to the be ultimate light and source of all light and power in the heavens.

Danzig [dan-zig]: See Brigadier Danzig

Darmul [dar-mule]:
A curious Valsharen boy who went to work with his father at the Barrel Dam. Darmul's morbid curiosity could not help but risk staring across the river into the haunted Ruins of Garrlohan. He got more than he bargained for when he spotted Shade.

Dennev [den-ev]: See Captain Dennev

Dennithul [den-i-thal]:

The second favorite bodyguard of Brigadier Danzig on the Bloodburners, Dennithul is a ruthless knife master, a Tulestine by clan. Bred and born to be a warrior, Dennithul is one of the deadliest killers in the entire mercenary company. He is short on patience except when in battle where he has been known to pick apart his foes with a surgical precision and a chilling ice-like demeanor.

Desmoana [dez-moan-a]: See Queen Desmoana
Doljinn [dol-jin]: See High King Doljinn

Dorugthul [door-ug-thull]:
Dorugthul is the cruel dragon god worshipped by the Drakor of Doruggdoom. Also called the King of Dragons and the Spirit of All Power the dragon god demands strength and mortal sacrifices to appease his will. Dorugthul despises weakness and is said to have fashioned the Drakor in his own dragonish likeness, considering all the other races of Covent forged by other gods to be mere worms crawling around in the dust. Dorugthul is described as a black fire dragon with a crown of the darkest flames, a strikingly similar description to Obsidious although Dorugthul roams free and is not chained. The very notion that Dorugthul is chained or subdued in some way throws Drakor into a rage.

Dorugthul is believed to have chosen the Drakor as his supreme race, an image easy to uphold with the dragon-men’s gift of flight and considerable strength/agility. The Drakor appease the dragon god by kidnapping other races and sacrificing them on the black altars of Dorugthul. Others are taken as slaves to work the mines. The dragon-men have no respect for other races. It is believed Dorugthul has recently punished the Drakor by turning dragons against them, but they await the coming of the one who shall restore their command of the greatest beasts of Covent. It is believed upon that day that all shall kneel before the supreme race and the lands of all their foes shall burn.

Drell [drell]:
Shade’s birth name and a name he says died by his mother’s bedside many years ago. Also the name of a half-dead Dark Elven slave pulled out of the sands of the Great Waste by slave-traders who think they have struck gold.

Dugan [do-gan]: See Captain Dugan

Duke Qitaar [ki-tar]
Duke Qitaar is the ruler of the infamous unseen city of Kadosha. He is currently away on active duty serving under Lord Sadora. Qitaar is a dog of a Faelin, bereft of the drab civilities that makes him fit right into the Shadowhand Division. Qitaar, also known as the "Butcher of Kalorein" is widely known for his brutality and darker amusements. He is never without his loyal Shadow Wolf, Gurlik, and he oversees many of Kadosha's famed Scoundrels of Kadosha including but not limited to the Shadowwolf Order, Kadosha's army, militia, reserves and a few units that not even Qitaar himself would dare jot down on paper...

Duke Shaltear [shall-tear]: See King Shaltear, the Black Hand

Dulran [dull-ran]
A young teenager of relatively unknown origins who volunteers to be Elflord Keneb's page and bear Keneb's father's heavy axe Wildrafang. The boy claims to have been sent from Altaar after failing to be an altar boy in the Sun Seer Order's abbey.

Dumley [dumb-lee]:
A beggar from the thieves' town of Nefar in Jui-Sae. Dumley ratted out Shade after he was lured by a promise of wealth from Shade's jealous rival back when they trained together in Jui-Sae. Dumley revealed to Lord Sadora that Shade was not noble born, a prerequisite of all Unseen. Poor Dumley never received his reward. Sadora had him executed to ensure the snitch could never disclose the secret location of the Unseen training facility the Sada'Korum.

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