Earl Juldred [jul-dread]:
Earl Juldred is a rich aristocrat who earned the title Earl by marrying into the line of Thanes. Juldred took the hand of one of King Magnus’ distant cousins in marriage, but he was born into a rich noble family and still has grand estates in Lansfaire, Andelnar and Valhollan. Juldred has appointed lords over all his lands and castles, which has permitted him to lounge around the royal court, brownnosing up to the king and sticking his nose into politics. Juldred despises families who have won their nobility calling them “pig nobles” and believes people are born into their rightful class.

Elflord Keneb [ke-eb]:
Elflord Keneb is the struggling commander of Jui-Rae's Morningstar Division. He is currently engaged with Lord Sadora's forces in the Ashwood and is having a hard time matching Sadora's ruthless tactics. Elflord Keneb is an honorable leader who has vowed to avenge his father's death, who was also killed by Sadora. The Morningstar Division has been divided by a moral rift due to their continued loses with half of the army urging him to compromise his honor to match Sadora's evils.

Elflord Ramerus [ram-ear-us]:
Elflord Ramerus is the celebrated commander of the legendary Horse Archers of Glorindel. Ramerus grew famous for his bold charges into Jui-Sae using devastating hit and run tactics, lighting many enemy forts and encampments aflame. Ramerus is a good and brave commander, although the recent addition of his teenaged son to his unit has left him wedged between the cleft of duty and family.

Exkolnar [ex-kol-nar]:
Exkolnar is often called “the God Without a People,” "the Weeping God" or “the Beggar God,” as many peoples call him in mockery or spite. It is said Exkolnar weeps over the Sea of Mourning because he has no people. Exkolnar’s bands of followers are so small and so speckled throughout the nations that Exkolnar is viewed as a weak god worthy of neither reverence or temples built in His name, and is where the term “Beggar god,” is derived. Ironically, a great hedge of fear and contempt also swirls around the name of Exkolnar, namely due to the bold claims of a single fanatical follower, the Great Prophet, who is believed to be a mad wizard of unfathomable power. The prophet claims that Exkolnar is the true God of Covent.

Feldon [fell-den]:
The Half-Elven tanner who resides in Jile. Felden has embraced more acceptance in the remote seedy swamp town than he might find elsewhere in Doljinaar, due to people’s general prejudice against Half-Elves. Feldan is under Shade’s protection and is a member of Jile’s Trade Guild. Feldan repairs Shade’s leather armor as wear and tear or combat deem necessary.

Festan La Faun [fes-tan la fawn]:
Festan La Faun is a merry well-traveled Faun who has skipped playing his trusty Widdlepipe from one side of Doljinaar to the other. Festan puts himself forward loudly calling himself a Minstrel at Large and a Merrymaker Extraordinaire, which sums him up quite well since he lives for merriment and for music. Festan hails from the Enchanted Wood hidden deep inside Karus Forest, but he can’t help but wander out into the world to meet all sorts of interesting people.

Festan’s life aspirations are to live large and live happy, not to mention to beat Bwedrig at his own drinking contest at The Green Barrel. Festan was quite dismayed to find a rather grumpy Dark Elven assassin had ransacked the tavern and killed his potential audience. He nearly drove Shade up the wall offering to spruce up the grim atmosphere with a little garland and confetti, but Shade wouldn’t have it. Festan nearly annoyed Shade to death, but the bright cheery Faun managed to walk away, for something tells us that this isn’t the last tale Festan will wander into.

Festus [fes-tus]:
An obnoxious and overweight Shamite carriage driver who earned a fat living charging an outrageous price to taxi rich clients from a Shamite Trade Camp to Capital Doljinaar’s front door. Shade never bothered to ask Festus for his name. The Shamite’s boisterous drunken songs nearly drove Shade mad on their doomed journey through the Trail of Majesty. The statues that guard the long winding valley into the capital are said to be divinely guarded. Shade found little credence in the legend, but finally found something to fill Festus’ fat belly other than a bottle of Faun Spirits.

Galamar [gal-a-marr]: See Marshall General Galamar

General Ka-ling [ka-ling]:

Considered by many to be the heart of the army, General Ka-ling is more than just the Elves leader in title. Nicknamed “The Burning General of Jui-Rae” his name has become legend. Few would have guessed he’s a prince and brother to the king, the rough and tumble general of Jui-Rae inspires his troops by fighting at the army’s head. Feared all over Jui-Sae, General Ka-ling’s flaming sword, buckler and arrows strike true with devastating effect. A ranger by training, the general is also an expert marksmen, woodsmen and falconer who commands his renowned gold falcon, Soral.

General Ka-ling upholds honor at all cost, though his rage has at times lent him to a brutal vengeance. Believed by the Faelin to be the most influential Elf alive, he is a prime target. Though general of all Jui-Rae, Ka-ling currently commands the Dawnshroud Division in the north. He is a family man who loves his wife and kids fiercely. He believes highly in the accords of war and has brokered additional agreements with his lifelong adversary, General Sien, to keep the age-old war civil.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott 

General Sien [sea-en]:
General Sien [gen-ur-al sea-en] Some would observe that General Sien is a shadow of his adversary, General Ka-ling. Honorable and considered the true leader of Jui-Sae’s armies, Sien is also a prince and brother to his own king. General Sien commands the respect of the entire army, but his loyalty across the country is somewhat divided. The influential Shadowlord, Lord Sadora, commander of Jui-Sae’s southern Divisions has won the unquestioning loyalty of his division and other powerful wartime hardliners.

Still, in title no one would deny that General Sien is the true leader of Jui-Sae’s military, bearing the only exception of the king himself. General Sien is a heavy infantry Shadow Warrior, but not hindered by his armor in anyway. He is considered by many to be the strongest of his race. He wields a devastating two-handed sword, Salzru, in one hand and a Moon Shield in the other. The blade calls its powers from beyond the stars, creating a force field around the general that makes him virtually invincible. Though general of all Jui-Sae, Sien currently commands the Bloodmoon Division in the north. He is a family man who loves his wife and son fiercely. He believes highly in the accords of war and has brokered additional agreements with his lifelong adversary, General Ka-ling, to keep the age-old war civil.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott 

Goldtongue [gold-tongue]:
Goldtongue is a name that has been growing on the lips of Shamites everywhere. Whispers have been passing in the shadows of the Merchant Guild that a new Shamite’s financial strength is on the rise. Referred to originally as just “the Shamite,” the legend has morphed into a growing legend called “Goldtongue”. It is said that Goldtongue has the most honeyed speech of all Shamites and is mounting an underground financial empire that may threaten the reigning sheik. Since the crown of sheik always falls to the richest Shamite, the sheik’s throne is at risk. Other rich Shamite rivals have begun dropping all over the kingdom at a record pace. No one knows the identity of Goldtongue, but some say that he can be identified by a tongue of solid gold.

Gorbath [gore-bath]:
Gorbath is a tough as nails taskmaster who drives slaves. The mere glimmer of his eyes under his fierce bear-hood is enough to keep the largest and most unruly night mortal slaves in line. Gorbath wandered the surface for many years before coming to live among the Gutter Dwarves at Ogden. His jaded past made him something of a loner, but he has found his place among the Gutter Dwarves. He has earned the respect of the Slavelords of Ogden, who have appointed him as head taskmaster in the Mines of Ogden. Gorbath once reported to Brunswig, who held his position before him prior to being promoted to a Slavelord and they both hold each other in the utmost respect.

Gorbath is well known for his cruelty and heavy hand by which he scares slaves into submission. He spent many years wandering on the surface above before finding his place among the Gutter Dwarves. He is bitter about his treatment on the surface and rarely likes to talk about it. In truth Gorbath is only half human. He has Grullish blood in him, which make’s him a huge man, but only his pointy Elvish years give away his other half heritage. Gorbath was actually born of a human Grull father and an Elvish mother, a very rare and shocking half-breed.

Gorbath hid his Elven ears under a fierce bear-hood which he wears over his head. He is mostly a gritty and tough man except for a few Elvish traits: his pointy ears, heightened senses, his sharp/keen intelligence and unusually long lifespan. Grulls are the largest and dullest of mind of the human clans, but Gorbath shirked this trait and is surprisingly smart due to his half-Elvish heritage.

Gorbath came to despise the surface world, due to mistreatment caused by his bastard blood. He was frowned upon by both Elves and humans. He has a long history. Gorbath also spent some time on the surface living wildly in Karus Forest with a Brigorian tribe. After years of finding no acceptance in human cities or among Elves, he tried to live with wild Brigorians. Gorbath learned the ways of a berserker at this time. The tribe was so impressed with his hunting skills and battle prowess; they made him their chieftain until his Elven ears were discovered on his wedding day by his bride, the village chieftess. She turned him in and the Brigorians tried to kill him. He fought his way out of the camp, which was the last straw for Gorbath efforts to live on the surface. Gorbath has since buried himself down in Ogden in the underrealms of the Dwarves, where he isn’t persecuted. Gorbath started as a slave-driver and worked his way up to head taskmaster in the mines.

Gordwin [gord-win]:
Gordwin is the rough whiskered innkeeper who owns The Dragon’s Den in Jile. Gordwin is an ex-soldier with a sobering scowl that has woken up a few bum drunks or rabblerrousers at the inn. He is the closest thing Shade has to a friend and acts as his informant. Shade and Gordwin having a convenient living arrangement. Shade keeps the local rabble inline and in turn Gordwin furnishes Shade with a permanent room at the inn.

Art contributed by artist Lona Kamakeeaina

Gorteff [gore-teff]:
Gorteff was once a respected Doelm war chieftain of the Blacklands. He led his tribe to prominence in the resource scant Doelmish lands. However, he was eventually overthrown by a rival and defeated in a duel to his shame. His wife and children were given over to the victor, a common practice among Doelms ensuring only the strongest bloodline rule a Doelm tribe. Gorteff was shamed, but instead of facing his own execution, he fled like a coward. He planned on starting a new life out west living in Karus Forest as a murderous brigand until he was captured at the forest borders.

Grayshom [gray-shome]
The corky Dwarven shoemaker in Jile. Grayshom has grown locally renowned for his ability to custom make any size shoe for Jile’s far more unusually sized citizens. Shade could always depend on Grayshom for a good pair of shoes. Grayshom is a member of Jile’s Trade Guild and under Shade’s personal protection.

Great Prophet, the [the great prof-et]:
The Great Prophet is a powerful and mysterious figure who claims to be the mouthpiece of Exkolnar. He is concealed completely in robes and bandages, though a luminous light shines from him. Most nations consider the Great Prophet to be a mad wizard of unfathomable power. Whenever the Great Prophet ascends Mount Haven he brings a message of prophecy and doom which is carried on the winds to the very ends of Covent. The prophet’s ravings are a thorn in the sides of all nations and it is also said that the Great Prophet cannot be killed. Legends persist that all who dare attack the Great Prophet are consumed by the fires of Exkolnar.

Gurlik [gur-lick]:
Gurlik is the huge and loyal Shadow Wolf of Duke Qitaar. Gurlik is the largest wolf of all Kadosha with impressive silver heckle. He will maul anyone who gets in his way or tossed his way by his master. Gurlik is a cunning wolf with an almost human-like intelligence.

Haradus, the Ice God [Ha-rad-drus]:

Haradrus is the ice god of the hardy seafaring Haradrik. He is worshipped as the God of Winter, the shepherd of the Haraglace and holds the frozen trident. His depictions draw him to resemble a tall Haradrian warrior with a beard of ice, skin as white as snow and eyes like fogged glass. Haradrik say Haradrus has the power to turn unbelievers to ice and plunge all the lands in eternal winter.

The Haradrik believe that Haradrus is not pleased with Doljinaar’s rule over them. They say that the spirit of Haradrus himself has come down to haunt the old Temple of Haradrus at Dunhara. Some sailors say you really can hear the icy wailing of Haradrus if one sails too close to the isle in the Gulf of Harab. Haradrus commands his people to break away from Doljinaar and found a new nation of their own. Thousands of Haradrik die every year on failed expeditions to colonize the frozen continent of Witherglace. Only the hardy Captain Rafier is said to have founded a new nation, but many believe even Rafier’s crew lies lost. Thousands more die trying to find Rafier’s Refuge every year.

High King Doljinn [dole-jin]:
The father of the Doljinn gods and the founder of Doljinaar. High King Doljinn was a man with a dream. Born under abnormal circumstances, Doljinn was born with majestic glowing white eyes and given the name of his clan when Doljinaar was just a small city state. The Doljinns believed the boy was the God of Light incarnate, who they worshipped from the early tribal eras. The Doljinn clan crowned the boy king when he came of age like enemy city states who were starting to embrace civilization.

High King Doljinn was the first to dream of a united kingdom of men. His dream infected his people and spread to other nations and tribes of men. Doljinn campaigned across the West conquering human nations and winning some over through peaceful negotiations. Doljinaar was first formed at his marriage with the Durnish Queen of their ancient enemies. The Durnishmen joined Doljinaar and helped unite the divided world of men in the West. Doljinaar drove out pockets of night races and evil nations out of the West, inspiring even a few non-human tribes to swear their allegiance.

High King Doljinn is now worshipped as the king and father of the gods. He lived four times longer than normal men, which strengthened the belief in his godhood. He is believed to have ascended into Jaril, which has become the Doljinn word of heaven, at the peaks of the Jaril Mountains upon his death. His sons carried on his legacy. His divine blood granting unusually long life and glowing white eyes have become the mark of Thanedom.

Hoggrim [hog-grim]:
Hoggrim is the cheery pig-man owner of The Pig’s Trough eat house in Jile. Hoggrim is a member of an unknown race whose descendents were spawned off the dark magical experiments of Mortamus the Mad. After the fall of Mortamus the Mad in the second War of the Robes, Hoggrim’s descendents lived wildly in Karus Forest until they were slaughtered by Magehunters. The last known surviving member of his race, he has taken refuge in Jile and lives out a relatively peaceful existence.

Of course, Hoggrim would rather not talk about his dark history. He’d rather slap a ladleful of his locally renowned Mudcrab Medley in your bowl and grin past his awkward tusks as you savored your first bite. Hoggrim is the best cook in Jile and Shade regularly enjoys eating at The Pig’s Trough. Hoggrim has taken in a mischievous Dragol orphan named Jago who causes him lots of trouble, but he still loves the small rat-boy with his big heart.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz 

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