Magistrate Bardik [bare-dik]:
Bardik is a humble and unassuming Grull man, who hardly looks the part of a ruling magistrate, but then again how often do Grulls ever look to fill the shoes of the high class. Bardik is a smart and sensible man who is magistrate for all the Old Grulllands, since the plague broke out there and wiped out many of the old towns. Magistrate Bardik is working hard to save his people and his lands.

Magistrate Kazad [ka-zodd]:
Magistrate Kazad is the pompous, smug Shamite Mogul and the current ruling magistrate of Kurn. Kazad was appointed by the king of Doljinaar due to strong-arming by the Shamite Sheik. Kazad is often accused of arrogance, overspending and corruption, but has remained in power long after his term. King Magnus’ patience with the magistrate and even the sheik himself is running thin.

Magistrate Paramin [pear-a-men]:
Magistrate Paramin is a Durnishman and the ruling magistrate of Capital Doljinaar. Paramin came from humble beginnings, but has earned his nobility and the king’s trust. He is an intelligent and capable magistrate who has the tall task of governing the capital, a city of unprecedented size, boasting a cityscape equal to ten bustling metropolises walled together side by side.

Magnate Rohdinius [row-din-e-us]:
Magnate Rohdinius is a member of the King’s Council and more importantly the rightful financial head of all Doljinaar. An Eldorian by clan, Rohdinius is a wealthy but practical man who the king well trusts. The position of magnate is in charge of the distribution of government funds, the national treasury, taxation and other economic matters. The magnate often rubs elbows with the sheik of the Merchant Guild who sticks his nose into government business through sheer financial power alone.

Magnus [mag-nuss]: See King Magnus

Malgarius [mal-gare-e-us]:
Malgarius is the headmaster of Councilman Prognos. He is Prognos' most trusted adviser and in charge of all of his master's estates while Prognos is away serving at the Grand Forum. Malgarius is a showy Shamite shyster with honey smooth speech and a flashy grin, though he comes from a poor family (at least by Shamite standards). The family estate is only worth millions and not billions of bloodstone. Some would say he envies his jilted status. Malgarius has been utilized to hire Shade for two of his biggest jobs.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Manar [man-are]: See King Manar

Marshall General Galamar [gal-a-marr]:

Galamar is the highest ranking officer of the army, second only to the king himself. He is a member of the King’s Council and serves as chief military advisor. He is an arrogant pureblooded Doljinn many say has fallen too far out of touch with the battlefronts. He does not command the same respect of the army like the generals below him who serve as field commanders to Doljinaar’s many divisions. Many soldiers call him the “Tin General,” behind his back and Galamar’s showy silver decorative suit of armor only support such accusations. The position of marshall general has always been problematic in this way. The rank is generally filled by nobles who are fast-tracked to promotions and spend more time whispering in the king’s ear than at the actual battlefronts.

Mizzle [miz-el]:
The leader of a Trite secret mercenary band being paid rare jewels to knock off Goldfinger's enemies. Mizzle is a powerful caster, but has been trained to slay quietly so that the small mortal may kill without being made known. Mizzle has fallen madly in love with a beautiful Tritetess named Murdle who is also his most trusted ally. Mizzle has a few anger management issues compounded by his powerful magic spells and his ability to change form when angered.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Mogul Arkin [ark-in]:

Mogul Arkin is a powerful Slavelord of the Black Ring, and is also a prominent member of the Merchant Guild. He is yet another filthy rich Shamite, who grew his fortunes mining the Emerald Hills just outside of his massive estate in Andelnar. He is well respected among all his colleagues and is considered a natural leader. He is bit more frugal than other Shamites and doesn’t so frivolously waste his wealth.

Mogul Irrathane [ear-a-thane]:
Irrathane is
one of the many moguls who serve under the sheik at the Merchant Guild. He like all Shamite moguls live rich and excessively pampered lives. He has hosts of servants and slaves who run his business as he grows fat on pleasures. He insists on being carried by litter at all times. He resents the sheik for treating him like a common servant, sending him on errands like meeting scoundrels like Warlord Lewd and has secretly become a double agent for Goldfinger.

Mogul Rhinwort [ring-wort]:
The most powerful and influential member of the Slavelords of the Black Ring. A Shamite mogul he is also a member of the Merchant Guild, though he is more active in the slave trade. He is the unelected head of the Black Ring, but his considerable financial status allows him to bully other members of the guild into submission. His brutal antics have earned him the nickname, “Ringworm” which he detests. Many tongues Ringwort has ordered cut out at the mere mention of the loathsome nickname. The slave trade has made Rhinwort so rich some say that he is even a threat to the reigning sheik.

Morgath [more-gath]:
Morgath was a Doelm thief who paired with Sadrik in robbing travelers on the sprawling roads which wind around Karus Forest. Unlike his partner, he was wise enough to keep his belly full and his mouth shut.

Mortamus, the Mad [mort-a-muss]:
Mortamus, the Mad was the sorcerer who caused the second War of the Robes. A master of Essence Magic, of the gold robes, he was the first mage to prove that the light robes could be overtaken by madness and cost thousands of innocent lives. Mortamus was obsessed with manipulating the essence of things. His forces captured and performed magical breeding experiments on everything from mortals, to beasts to plant-life. He went mad while attaining the Greater Powers of Essence Magic. He tried to be a god, creating and forming life, but only ended up creating abominations by warping the essence of other living things.

Mortamus performed experiments day and night locked away in his tower at Mortusmorga hidden deep in Karus Forest. But his warped creations wandered out of the forest slaying at will, some so large they wiped out cities and took thousands of lives. The woods around Mortusmorga mutated into aggressive warped trees. The legions of Doljinaar and the High Mage Order joined forces to put down Mortamus’ creations and finally sacked his tower at Mortusmorga. When they finally found Mortamus he had been torn apart by his own twisted creations. Some say a few races were even spawned off the experiments of Mortamus the Mad. A scarce few of Mortamus’ mad creations still stalk the lands…

Murdle [mur-del]:
A beautiful Tritetess and right-hand of a secret mercenary band being paid rare jewels to knock off Goldfinger's enemies very quietly. Murdle is a moderate caster, but smart and tactical-minded making her a key asset to her commander and lover, Mizzle. Murdle has fallen head over heels for Mizzle. She strengthens Mizzle's leadership and guides him when he needs to get back on track.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Murkeg [mur-keg]:
The loony Dwarven leader of the sappers, of the Bloodburners. Murkeg is a munitions expert and pyromaniac who enjoys watching things go boom. Miraculously, Murkeg has never blown off any body parts except for a few teeth, singed hairs and the occasional scar (he would consider himself lucky if he were that smart). Danzig and the other Bloodburners are happy to indulge Murkeg’s sick twisted amusements except for the occasional case of friendly fire.

Mydrian [mid-dree-an]
: See Prince Mydrian

Obsidious [ob-sid-e-us]:
Obsidious has many names. He has been called Obsidious, Dorugthul, the Darkness, the Dragon on High, Lord of Darkness, Lord of Shadow, the Reaper of Souls, the Devourer of Souls, the shadow beneath the Throne and many more. Obsidous’ legend varies from culture to culture, but all lore agrees that he is the ultimate embodiment of all evil on Covent. Obsidious’ belly is the grave like death never satisfied, his hatred, contempt and hunger for the living knows no end.

Obsidious is often described as a burning fire dragon, greatest of the evil Elder Dragons and considered the lord of all darkness. Much debate persists among cultures whether he is a demon or demigod. He is often considered the keeper of the grave and the tormentor of the dead. He is at times worshipped by dark religious sects as the lord of all evil, but ironically some legends claim that Obsidious was actually chained to the belly of Covent as punishment by the gods, and that he is in fact a prisoner, not a prince or king despite his boundless proclamations to the contrary. It is said that the chain can never be broken, though it can give slack or drag Obsidious back down into the belly of Covent whenever the gods see fit to test or punish mortals. Obsidious is the chief villain of all mortalkind in the Exkolnarian legends.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Ogred, the Ogre King [o-grid]:
A giant believed to only be a bedtime story amongst the young princes of Jui-Sae, Ogred is a freak of nature. Standing over twice as tall as any other Faelin, Ogred has been shunned and scratches out a living in caves and forgotten places. It was once told that Ogred was actually the long lost twin brother of King Solshistaar, of the Faelin, tossed out as an infant to die in the wild due to his freakish size and nature. It is said that Ogred hangs onto this family history bitterly and fancies himself the legitimate heir to the throne of Jui-Sae. Few Faelin have ever been able to confirm whether such tales are true and so a giant-sized bedtime story he remains.

Oisleean [oas-lee-in]:
A charming Shamite conman who targeted the daughters of rich men. Oisleean had made a career of conning lovesick brides and swindling them out of their fathers' inheritance. Oisleean went too far when he murdered his last bride-to-be and her rich father dispatched Shade after the murderous fraud.

Ordin [ore-din]: See Promagistrate Ordin

Paramin [pear-a-min]: See Magistrate Paramin

Patriana [pa-tree-on-a]:

Sien's loving wife and mother of Sijaade. Patriana is a good wife and faithful supporter of the general of Jui-Sae. She is also look to as a leader in her refugee camp and has embraced her role in the royal court.

Phendyrimoth [fen-dare-e-moth]:
Phendyrimoth is one of the most famous names in all Doljinaar, a Thane, and brother to the king of Doljinaar, he is actually a prince. However, Phendyrimoth has pulled so far away from the responsibilities of the throne that few still call him prince. Instead, Phendyrimoth has given himself wholly to his magic. He is the most powerful mage still alive today and head of the High Mage Order. The extended years of Thanedom has allowed him to grasp concepts of magic few others dare dream. Many wizards believe that Phendryimoth will be the next wizard to ascend into the Greater Powers of magic.

Pit Fiend, the [the Pit Fiend]:
The Pit Fiend is the tortured and mutilated giant Minotaur, the Black Ring keeps in a pit for sport and darker amusements of the slavelords. The Pit Fiend is widely feared by slaves of the port who are constantly threatened over being thrown to the Pit Fiend. The fiend was treated like an animal and drugged with Wild Wylchen Growth Shrooms turning him into a giant monstrosity. The Pit Fiend’s mind has been broken down, driven into a beast-like state, through the cruelest combination of torture, lab experimentation, growth-inducing drugs and forced cannibalism. In fact, the Pit Fiend’s humanity has been so broken down that he lumbers around feeding and gorging like an animal, his mind having been lost long ago. It is said the fiend will eat anything of flesh and blood.

Prince Mydrian [mi-dree-an]:
Prince Mydrian was the firstborn son of High King Doljinn. He was Doljinaar's first wizard and is now worshipped as the father of magic. Mydrian amazed his father with his spells and the combat effectiveness of magic. Also called the First Wizard, he is revered by magicians of all colored robes and some believe prayers to Mydrian enhances the powers of their spells or help one gain Magical Ascendency. Prince Mydrian helped his father win many battles in the Kingswar.

Mydrian gave his life at the Battle of Deadmoor, in the final battle of resistance against Doljinn's dream of a united world of men. This was Doljinaar's bloodiest and final battle against the last few violent tribes of men in the Kingswar. The loss of human life on both sides was catastrophic. Doljinaar won, but King Doljinn refused to bury the dead, so now Deadmoor stands as a grim testament regarding the grave costs of war among men. High King Doljinn also renamed the moor to Deadman's Moor as a further statement against humans taking human life.

Prince Phendyrimoth [fen-dare-e-moth]: See Phendyrimoth

Prognos [prog-knos]: See Vizier Prognos

Promagistrate Ordin [ore-din]:

Ordin is the king's appointed promagistrate and a valuable member of the King's council. Promagistrate Ordin is a Thane, a first cousin of the king and therefore born close to the throne. However, Ordin is a just man and humble for one born in so high a status and gifted with the blood of the gods. Ordin fought in many wars before finally returning to the grand political forum. As result, he is a wise ruler and one of the king's most trusted advisers. The position of promagistrate oversees all the magistrates and prefects of all Doljinaar. Magistrates have been appointed to great cities and prefects to small towns as regional governors. Ordin greatly assists King Magnus in the overall running of the kingdom.

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