Qitaar [ki-tar]: See Duke Qitaar

Queen Desmoana [dez-moan-a]:
Queen Desmoana ruled Doljinaar after the death of her husband after he fell victim of plague. Some historians allege it was not the plague that killed the king, but poison. Desmoana was said to be the most beautiful queen in all history, but she was incredibly vain, promiscuous and unfaithful. She seized hold of her rule unlike her ancestor Queen Izadora, the Compassionate who took the throne reluctantly, but ruled better than many kings.

Queen Desmoana grew known for his cruelty, cold indifference and shockingly black heart. Desmoana and Izadora are the only queens to have ruled Doljinaar and are now worshipped as goddesses. Many scholars still compare the stark contrast painted by these two historic women. Desmoana is worshipped as the goddess of beauty, sex and pleasure.

Raashan [rah-shan]:
Raashan is a famous Dragol who is single-handedly transforming people’s negative perception of his rat-like race. Raashan started as a small-time assistant to the physicians trying to combat the plague in the Old Grulllands since a recent scientific discovery proved that Dragols are immune to disease. But Raashan proved to be more than a simple-minded disease immune assistant. Raashan quickly caught onto the practice and the physicians realized he was a genius.

Raashan soon rose to the level of a physician and is currently trying to retract the physical properties of disease immunity from Dragol blood to discover a cure for plague. He is still treating plague in the Old Grulllands and his research is expected to make major scientific breakthroughs.

Raithe [wraith]:
Raithe is a cocky up-and-comer in the Shaltearan Brotherhood. He plowed through the first nine ranks of the Assassin’s Codex and is close to attaining the Tenth Level, which would put him on track to become the next Shalton of the Shaltearan Brotherhood. The reigning Shalton has grown increasingly threatened by this bold young assassin. Raithe’s combination of deadly combat skills and ghostly magical abilities have earned him the nickname “The Ghost”.

Raithe can float through walls, fade away to avoid physical attacks and even float through the sky. It is unknown at this time by what magic Raithe is able to perform these rare abilities. He wields a pair of sickle-like daggers that only prove to enhance his deadly aura. Becoming Shalton is merely Raithe’s secondary goal. His true lifelong ambition is to replace Shade as the top assassin in all Doljinaar. Some would argue Raithe’s deadly mixture of skills might enable him to do just that…

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Ramerus [ram-ear-us]: See Elflord Ramerus

Ramulan [rom-u-lan]:
Elflord Ramerus’ teenaged son. Ramulan is a proud handsome boy who is an expert marksmen. He has dreamed of being a great Horse Archers of Glorindel like his father before him, but part of his youthful arrogance has given his father cause for concern. He has just joined the Horse Archers of Glorindel and rides out with his father on his first mission.

Rat, the [the rat]:
The Rat is a Half-Elf who served in the Doljinaarian military as a spy. He used Elvish Sun Magic to make mirages and could use such illusions to make him appear to be anyone. He retired and hired himself out as a freelance intelligence gather to the highest bidder. He even spied in the black forests of Jui-Sae for the Quaelinari during the Elf Wars and lived to tell the tale.

Raygesh [ray-gesh]:
Raygesh is the burly Grullish runt cook of the Black Widow. Raygesh is a surprisingly good cook for the crew when one considers his filthy race, though he fixes the nastiest slop for the slaves of the slave ship.

Reddix [red-dix]:
Reddix is the mountain Dwarven god of strength and craftsmanship. Reddix looks like a Dwarf, but is said to have a burning beard and eyes of flames. Reddix is a proud god and demands perfection and master skill in all the works of his creations, which they offer up to his glory. Reddix is said to rule all the mountains and hidden underrealms. In fact, Dwarves would go as far as to say that Reddix rules all lands as well, since mountains represent the highest peaks of landforms. Unlike other guards, it is believed Reddix has a fiery mountain somewhere and so Dwarvish zealots often venture out on pilgrimages from time to time searching for Reddix’s mountain.

Ringworm [ring-worm]: See Mogul Rhinwort

Rohdinius [row-din-e-us]: See Magnate Rohdinius

Ruffus [rough-us]:
Ruffus was a small-time thief in the Doljinaar Catacombs. He nearly got himself knifed when his master overhead Shade climbing a rope in unseen form.

Rumsfeld [rums-feld]:
Rumsfeld is a Grumling taken captive by slave-traders when he wandered too close to the caverns of Ogden. Rumsfeld was worked for years in the mine pits of Ogden where he grew more and more resigned to his life as a slave. Rumsfeld seems to possess a knack for making clumsy mistakes which began to enrage his Dwarven taskmasters. After the fourth mining disaster the decision was made to ship him off to Doljinaar with the larger, less easily handled night mortal slaves.

A massive Minotaur slave named Braadok developed a soft spot for Rumsfeld before they were shipped overseas to the slave stands in Kurn. The pair tried to escape. Braadok got away, but Rumsfeld tripped over his own beard and got himself recaptured. The slavelords were about to simply slay the troublesome Grumling when they realized he could be used as bait to recapture their prize Mino. Minotaur sell for great amounts in the gladiator games.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Sadora [sa-dore-a]
Sadora, or the Shadowlord, as he is known in Jui-Sae is lord over all Unseen. He is considered by many to be the deadliest Dark Elf alive. Sadora is a chief adviser to the Dark Elven king and leads Jui-Sae’s Shadowhand Division in the Elf Wars.

The Shadowhand Division has been questioned numerous times due to numerous reports of war crimes, but nothing has ever been proved. Sadora is also responsible for training all Unseen. It is said he keeps a secret circle of Unseen to carry out his dark plots called the Sada'odan. Shade was once the lead assassin in this secret circle until he fled west due to a scarred conscience. It still spurns Sadora that he has never found a suitable replacement for Shade.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Sadrik [say-drik]:
Sadrik was a loudmouth Doelm thief who robbed travelers on the roads winding around Karus Forest. He was a disgruntled ingrate who Lewd’s spies had been watching for a long time. Sadrik should have kept his belly full and his mouth shut.

Sai-ing [sigh-ing]:
Sai-ing represents the silver moon of Covent and is worshipped as the king moon and greatest god of the three moons in Jui-Sae. Sai-ing’s light is worshipped by royalty and the Unseen Order, who worship the dark side of the silver moon, where the Unseen derive their power. Shadow Magic is believed to draw its power from the dark side of Sai-ing, though it can be augmented by any shadow.

Savanesse [sa-va-niece]:

Savanesse trained in the ranks of the Unseen alongside Shade. He was the closest Faelin Shade ever considered to a friend. Savenesse was born of the powerful noble House Shaltanoan, but strangely yearned for a common life. Savanesse eventually went to work as a spy for Sadora.

Savorax [save-or-axe]:
The High Moon Seeress of Jui-Sae, he is the religious leader of the Dark Elves. Savorax is both wise and powerful, being also Jui-Sae’s strongest magician in all the kingdom. He is a master of both Shadow and Moon Magics, though his primary power is found in the latter. Savorax has been given the task by the king of Jui-Sae to research and attain the Greater Powers of magic. The king hopes that gaining these powers will enable their people to win the Elf Wars.

Shade [shade]:
Shade was born in the thieves’ town of Nefar just outside Jui-Sae. Jui-Sae’s anti-thievery laws are very strict, so Nefar is situated in a small mountain basin just outside the forest borders. Shade grew up extremely poor and had to steal bread to survive in his early years. His hardships pushed him to try and become an Unseen—the most legendary caste of soldiers in all Jui-Sae. He had to enter under a false name as Faelin must be of noble birth to join the Unseen Order.

Shade excelled as a trainee and caught the eye of his master Lord Sadora. Shade earned his master’s glowing approval even after his poor heritage was exposed by a well-connected jealous rival. Shade became part of Sadora’s secret circle of Unseen. He eventually rose to the position of lead assassin, otherwise known as Sai-ing’s Finger. He committed many murders by his master’s orders including some of Sadora’s politic rivals and their entire families.

Shade’s conscience grew stained and he eventually fled Jui-Sae. He started a new life out west in the human kingdom of Doljinaar. He took refuge in a remote seedy swamp town called Jile. He has grown rich and famous in the world of men. He eagerly awaits a worthy challenge...

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Shadowfinger [sha-dow-fin-ger]:
Shadowfinger is the name of a legendary Dark Elven thief that has been passed down and reused throughout the generations. Shadowfinger was once highly feared for preying on travelers in the Sunchild Chasm back in the days the chasm was the most well-traveled route into Jui-Rae. The real Shadowfinger has been dead for centuries, but that hasn't stopped a number of wanna-be's from abusing the name since it invokes fear. He resided in the thieve's town of Nefar just outside Jui-Sae.

The latest Shadowfinger was Shade's father who wanted nothing to do with the him and even tried to kill the boy several times. Shadowfinger allowed Shade's mother to die of a treatable disease since he refused to help her or his son. Shade fixated on striking back at his father from an early age. Shade scratched and crawled his way out of poverty in Nefar and joined the ranks of the Unseen. His father wet his pants when he saw his son return to him years later, bearing the crest of the Unseen's most legendary division--the Sada'odan.

Shadowlord Sadora [sa-dore-a]:
See Sadora

Shal-tanna [shal-tan-na]:
Shal-tanna represents the cobalt moon of Covent and is worshiped as the god of magic in Jui-Sae. Moon Seers derive most of their power from Shal-tanna, from which they cast their most powerful spells. Moon Magic draws its power from Shal-tanna.

Shaltear [shall-tear]: See King Shaltear

Shax-ing [shax-ing]:
Shax-ing represents the red moon of Covent and is worshiped as the god of war and strength in Jui-Sae. Commanding officers and warriors from all over Jui-Sae pray for Shax-ing’s favor on the eve of battle, Shadow Warriors above all other orders. Shax-ing isn’t ordinarily communed for magic, but through Shax-ing’s divine radiance weapons can be engraved with powerful markings called runes that can offer devastating magical effects.

Sien [sea-en]: See
General Sien

Sijaade [sea-hod]:
General Sien’s nearly adult son who has been training to be an Unseen under Lord Sadora back at the capital in Saeyilmaar. Sadora himself has admitted that Sijaade has shown more promise than any other recruit in years, since Shade himself, but the Shadowlord has grown frustrated that he can’t turn Sijaade into a coldblooded killer like Shade, due to Sijaade’s sense of justice, which takes too much after his father General Sien.

Slavelord Roldok [roll-dock]:
A wormy, slimy Gutter Dwarven slavelord who has managed to wriggled his way into a Slavelord of the Black Ring. Roldok is a Gutter Dwarf through and through. Many question his appointment to the lofty position, but he is one of the richest Gutter Dwaves in all of Ogden.

Slavelord Yuldin [yul-din]:
A thin, wiry Shamite Slavelord who grew his fortunes in Lansfaire, he is rich beyond the standards of men, but at times considered “flea wealth” by the ridiculous standards of other Shamites. Yuldin’s frail frame leads to joke by other Shamites that he is indeed poor and malnourished, though he is simply just thin by disposition.

Soral [sor-al]:
Soral is General Ka-ling’s loyal Gold Falcon. Ka-ling summons the bird by the call of a horn he carries around his neck, but at times Soral finds Ka-ling in moments of need due to the strong bond the pair share. Many Elves consider gold falcons to be spirit guardians in Jui-Rae.

Solshistaar [soul-shis-tar]: See King Solshistaar

Speaker Zahan [zay-han]:
Speaker Zahan is the king's appointed speaker of the Imperium, or the Grand Forum, and a member of the king's own council. Speaker Zahan is a well-respected monk of the Jarilian Priesthood who is good with words and is the chief mediator of all political debates in the Grand Forum.

Zahan is an old man, an arthritic and a Jinto by race, but has rubbed a few council members the wrong way. Some question whether Zahan is really the crippled old man he pretends to be.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Sheik Jestier [jes-tear]:

Sheik Jestier is the reigning sheik of the powerful Merchant Guild and the wealthist of all Shamites. This position was originally held by the resigned Shamite King when Old Shamaria became a Dolijinaarian province centuries ago. However, money is the beating heart of the guild. The richest Shamite is the reigning sheik. The sheik's power has come under threat by a secret unknown rival known as Goldfinger.

The Merchant Guild is the most influential guild in all the kingdom and pokes their noses into everyone’s business. The line of sheiks have even wormed their way onto the king’s council. Interested in controlling his investiments all over the kingdom, Jestier pokes his nose into Lewd's business in the criminal underworld and even matters of the Doljinn throne itself, much to King Magnus' chagrin.

Tantarus [tan-tar-us]:
Tantarus, otherwise known as the Minolord, was the most powerful crimelord in the Kurn sewers prior to Lewd’s reign. Although, he never attained full control, the Minotaur led the most highly feared mob. Tantarus reign was filled with bloodshed and infighting among quadrants then violent outbursts from Tantarus himself dubbed, “the wrath of the Minolord”. Tantarus was slain by Warlord Lewd with the help of Kishrub and Zulbash who held him down. Lewd thinks Tantarus’ stuffed head looks good mounted above his throne...

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Thane Theldon [thel-don]: See Theldon

Theldon [thel-don]:
Theldon is a drunkard, a Stardust addict and a fool who squandered much of his family’s inheritance away on wild living. Theldon is a Thane, the king’s first cousin, but brings disgrace onto the royal line and all Thanedom. Theldon spends his night in drunken revelry and his days trying desperately to stay awake and act like he's needed in the Grand Forum. He is resentful for not being shown more respect, but takes no responsibility for his own actions.

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