Vespuvus, the Sea Goddess [ves-poo-v-us]:
Vespuvus is the Sea Goddess and the goddess of the Vespuvians, who are the great sea-faring peoples of the west coasts. Vespuvians believe their goddess controls the seas and could close the entire world over with water if she was displeased with her servants. Vespuvians greatly revere their goddess which only strengthens the bond and holy fear they have of the seas.

Portraits of Vespuvian differ ranging from a glowing mermaid, to a woman with octopus tentacles for legs or riding atop two dolphins, but all accounts show her to be beautiful. Vespuvius’ rage can also be compared to the sea as she is capable of turning into a giant sea monster when enraged that stirs up the oceans. Vespuvians offer loved ones back up to Vespuvius by doing their burials at sea. Vespuvius is said to have prepared an undersea palace for all those faithful to her. Other sailors joke that Vespuvius wants to bed with them whenever their ships run into a storm.

Vizier Prognos [prog-nos]:
Vizier Prognos is a member of the King’s Counsel. He serves as an advisor and can vote on decisions in the king’s stead. He is in charge of intelligence, the spy network and espionage in the kingdom of Doljinaar. Men often refer to his position as The King’s Eye. It is said The King’s Eye sees all things.

Warlord Lewd [lude]:
Warlord Lewd rules the Kurn sewers with an iron fist. He claimed power through a mixture of force and diplomacy. He is a disarmingly charismatic figure. He was born a Trollborn child in the Kurn sewers when a Doelm fell in love with a human woman.

Lewd’s father was butchered trying to stop other Doelms from slaying his son. Lewd’s mother hid with him until he was eleven years old in Karus Forest. She sacrificed herself as a band of human cutthroats also tried to butcher the Trollborn child. He wandered in the forest alone and learned to trust his wits to survive. He befriended Kishrub and Zulbash who protected him. He eventually led his own camp of brigands. He earned the title warlord in a Thieves War and united a force that seized control of the Kurn sewers. 

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Winnapeg [win-a-peg]:
Winnapeg is Brigadier Danzig's right-hand many and money-counter. A rough character for a Shamite, Winnapeg still hasn't lost his love for gold. His fealty for the Bloodburners has come at a high price, since two of Murkeg's misdirected explosions costs him a hand and a leg.

Wormin [were-min]:

Wormin is Lord Sadora’s crippled hunchback servant. Wormin was born of a very poor family, but takes his duty very seriously. He carries out all menial tasks for Sadora and is fiercely loyal even despite his master’s former harsh treatment of him. Sadora used to beat Wormin, which further crippled him. Instead, Wormin’s fierce loyalty in the face of the abuse won over the Shadowlord’s awed respect. Sadora no longer beats Wormin and trusts him implicitly.

Xzoron [x-zor-on]:
Xzoron was the only Minotaur wizard to ever lived. His ways were steeped in the black arts. After years of poachers hunting Minotaur in Garrlohan, Xzoron led his people in a series of brutal campaigns against Doljinaar later called the Mino Wars. The giant bull-men slaughtered thousands of Humans, but eventually the sheer numbers of Men drove the Minotaur back to their capital at Jahaeddra.

The stone cities of Garrlohan were razed and the last stand took place at Jahaeddra. At the moment the legions of Dojinaar overtook the deepest, darkest crypt where Xzoron had holed up, the Minotaur wizard tore a horn from his head and plunged it into his heart. He uttered a curse on his fallen land.

That night the legions got drunk in celebration. Xzoron’s undead corpse woke up and loosed a terrifying lull that still haunts the ruins to this day. He burst out of his tomb and the very dead rose up. Huge hulking undead Minotaur tore through the ranks of men. Even Doljinaar’s fallen feasted on their brethren. Garrlohan became a haunt guarded by the restless undead, eager to feed on any mortal who dares trepass...

Yessheeran [yess-sheer-an]:

Warlord Lewd appointed Yessheeran to be his representative, his chief aide and to keep up with the daily toils of his rule. Yesheerann is a cunning, but surprisingly loyal Syssrah to Lewd who once served the royal house of Sssyrinya. Yessheeran fled Sssyrinya after the former ruler was poisoned and usurped by another member of the royal family. He was forced to flee lest he fall victim to the culling of nobility which is commonplace whenever power changes hands in his homeland. It is said that few things are as dangerous to a Syssrah as the blood of his own household.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Zahan [zay-han]
: See Speaker Zahan

Zulbash [zul-bash]:
Zulbash is one-half of Lewd’s personal bodyguards. Kishrub and Zulbash were never much on brains, but Zulbash would argue he’s the smarter of the pair. Warlord Lewd found the bumbling Gorums at an early age lumbering about Karus Forest lost and hungry. Lewd, a troubled youth at this time, befriended them by exploiting their weakness for food. Kishrub and Zulbash enabled Lewd to survive the awkward early years as a Trollborn teen. Lewd was the brains and they were the brawn. Lewd grew in stature and became a leader of his own camp of brigands. The Gorums helped Lewd unite the other brigands in the Brigands War where he earned the title of warlord. Kishrub and Zulbash helped Lewd seize control of the Kurn underground by holding the Minolord Tantarus down while Lewd killed him. They bought their mismatched armor off a shifty Gutter Dwarf who assured them the sets were genuine Dwarven craftsmanship.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

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