Boring Worm [bore-ing]:
A Boring Worm is a carnivorous worm that lives in the Ice Marshes that starts life off as a small parasite the size of larva. It slips into carrion or plants consumed regularly by hosts. Once inside it consumes the host and multiples in size. Eventually, it bursts from its belly and kills the host. The now larger worm lives life in the swamps and consumes anything smaller than itself. The worm continues to grow with every meal. Some even grow larger than Coldwater Crocodiles and a few on record have neared the size of whales.

Cave Lion [cave lie-in]:
A large maneless mountain lion, Cave Lions can often be found in mountainous and rocky areas. A large aggressive predator feared for its ability to stalk its prey.

Coldwater Crocodile [cold wat-er croc-o-dial]:
Coldwater Crocs, unlike other reptiles, live in the cold temperate swamps of the Ice Marshes. They can grow from six to fifteen feet long. They have greenish brown scales that blend into the warm summer months, but grow thick albino hides which help them survive the harsh winters. The white hide keeps them warm and also blends into the frozen landscape. Coldwater hide is hunted for its natural insulating properties, though many would-be poachers have lost their lives trying to bring down one of these fierce man-eaters.

Deadhorn [dead-horn]:
Deadhorns are undead Minotaur who stalk the Ruins of Garrlohan. Mino flesh decays as slow as old leather, so the undead bull-men take far longer time to weaken their rotting bodies making them terrifying foes. The exhaustion experienced by living Minotaurs after charging the enemy lines head on is completely lost in this walking undead rampage.

The Deadhorns rose at the last battle of the Mino Wars when Xzoron, the only Minotaur wizard to ever have existed, took his life and uttered a curse on the old Mino lands rather than see it fall into the hands of mighty Doljinaar.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Dusk Arlen [dusk are-lin]:
The Singing Dusk Arlen, more commonly called Dusk Arlen or just Arlen, is a songbird of Jui-Rae. The colorful beard is known for the sad song it sings at dusk each day, heralding the day’s end and the onset of nightfall.

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