Icetooth Shark [ice-tooth shark]:
Immense cold-water sharks the size of orcas. Highly aggressive meat-eaters that plague the Haraglace and Doljinaar’s southern waters. Native to arctic biomes, Icetooths are a danger even to land species as they are known for breaking through ice to get to their prey.

Krabben [cray-ben]:
Krabben, or the Belly of the Sea as they are sometimes called, are the largest predators of all Covent. Although, Sea Dragons or Leviathans are often credited as being the kings of the seas, even they fear the mighty Krabben. Krabben near the size of islands and will eat anything that comes within reach of their hundreds of tentacles. In fact, Krabben shells have been known to mimic islands and fool many sailors and coastal prey to their deaths. Krabbens are the largest of the mollusk family and their shells grow follicles that resemble plant life or even coral or kelp forests to lure underwater prey.

Krabbens have large brains unlike other members of the mollusk family and have even been able to pick up on feeding or luring habits of other creatures to lure prey. Some say that Krabbens have been even known to cover their backs with sunken treasures to bait mortal prey. Once a prey is lured on or near the Krabben’s great shell, hundreds of towering tentacles seize the prey and feed its enormous mouth on the Krabben’s underside. The mouth is filled with thousands of suction cups and radular teeth which can consume tons upon tons of prey per day. Krabbens have no eyes or noses, but use radar and sensory cells to sense movement and find prey.

Lansfairian Draft Horse [lans-fair-e-an draft horse]:
Lansfairian Horses are a highly domesticated horse breed bred for many uses. Lansfairian Horses are generally white and are solid well-trained horses. Husbandry is highly practiced in the rich noble town of Lansfaire. Lansfairan Horses tend to be the most naturally beautiful horses in all the world. High competition at the seasonal Horse Shows of Lansfaire cause many horses to be bred that don’t make the cut for Show Horses. These animals are referred to as the Lansfairian Draft Horses and are sold in large numbers as draft animals that perform well.

Lansfairian Show Horse
[lans-fair-e-an show horse]:
The cream of the crop of the Lansfairian breed, Lansfairian Show Horses are the most beautiful horses in all the world. Noblewomen of the rich noble town of Lansfaire like to hold Horse Shows where they show off Show Horses every year. Lansfairian Show Horses can win a lot of money in competitions, but they are usually too pampered for any other use. Some noblewomen have been known to drain a lot of money on Lansfairian Show Horses.

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