Muckhog [muk-hog]:
Muckhogs are shaggy mid-sized omnivores known to eat anything. Muckhogs are the chief game of the Ice Marshes, but the boars have been known to gore, especially in large numbers. Muckhogs maintain their body temperature by wallowing in the mud during both the summer and winter seasons. They tend to travel in packs during the harsh winters where they huddle together for warmth. They are also highly resourceful at forging food even during heavy snowfall.

Mudcrab [mud-crab]:
A species of small grumpy swamp crabs known for giving squatters a good pinch. A delicacy on the menu in Jile especially when stewed in Hoggrim’s locally renowned Mudcrab Medley. Shade’s favorite Western dish, a good bowlful often gets him missing the good cooking back home.

A small species of marsh bird that nests in Baldcypress Trees. Mudlarks feed on insects, small fruit and swamp plants. Mudlarks make terrible birdsongs unlike other lark species. Mudlarks use their songs to communicate breeding territories and to attract mates, but they are terrible singers to human ears. Many travelers kill Mudlarks for their horrific songs, although the people of Jile have realized that Mudlarks are key in keeping mosquito populations under control.

O’ bommen [o-bah-men]:
The ancient Doelmish term that describes the soulless monsters created by the black arts of ancient Gorgloth. The word means “abomination” and the term is still sometimes used by other races today, although it is not always associated with Doelmish history.

O’bommen are reanimated corpses possessed not by the body’s former souls but monstrous spirits too horrible to imagine. It is said O’bommen cannot be killed and that even magic only makes them stronger. Luckily, these spirits seem to be slowly losing their minds the longer they stay in their host bodies causing them to stalk the lands with a thoughtless zombielike hunger. This makes O’bommen more easily avoided just as long as one does not go stumbling into its lair.

Ooelm [olm]:
The largest of the O’bommen, Ooelms were once dead Gorums reanimated and transformed by the black arts. They average over thirteen feet in height. Ooelms are cursed with the most restless hunger of all the O’bommen and can never stop eating. They like to feed on the brains of the dead. Like all O’bommen, they cannot abide daylight and therefore most live below ground, where they terrorize Dwarven Catacombs. However, one abnormally huge Ooelm, that stands twice their normal height, stalks the southern Ice Marshes around the Ruins of Azranool at night. This is the one creature Shade fears most of all the marshes.

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