Raven [ray-ven]:
A bird considered sacred by some in Jui-Sae. Ravens are said to spy for the moon deities, seeing all that is done in Jui-Sae. Ravens are also used as carrier pigeons, bearing messages from every corner of Jui-Sae.

Rhinmole [rhine-mole]:
A blind hippo-like ungulate, Rhinmoles, sometimes mistakenly called Rhinmules, live underground and feast on tremendous amounts of mushrooms and other fungi. Known for their strong noses and uncanny sense for digging, Dwarves utilize them in all sorts of forms. They can be used to push or pull drills, wagons and heavy loads. They are relatively easy to tame so long as they remain well fed.

Sea Crow [sea crow]:
A maritime crow that is a strong coastal scavenger. Sea Crows have been known to feed on mortal flesh where they can find it. A symbol of death at sea.

Shark [shark]:
Covent’s oceans are teeming with a large variety of shark life. Some are aggressive, others are bottom-feeders, but all are feared.

Sharlak [shar-luk]:
Much debate persists over whether Sharlak are beasts or a tribe of mortal cannibals. Not much is known about this amphibious race that emerge out of the warm oceans except their desire to feed on land-dwellers. Sharlak feeding frenzies have given them such a bloodthirsty reputation that land-dwellers believe they could not be mortals despite reports of Sharlak wearing clothing and using simple tools.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Snowcrab [snow-crab]:
Southern species of arctic crab native to Doljinaar’s southern coastal seas. Snow Crabs can survive the extreme winters of the northern Haraglace. Snow Crabs start out small, but can grow up to thirteen feet in circumference. Larger members have been known to come ashore and attack people during extreme winters when food is scarce.

Terramothian Wild Horse [tare-a-moth-e-an horse]:
Thousands of herds of wild horses once dominated the Plains of Terramothian. This yellow, high spirited breed has been largely hunted down and rarely successfully domesticated. Terramothian Wild Horses are the fastest horses in the world, but are incredibly difficult to train. As result, trained Terramothian Wild Horses are the most expensive horses on the market. A few elusive herds still graze the Plains of Terramoth often freed by sympathizers among the Centaur.

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