Elder Dragons [eld-er drag-ons]:
The Elder Dragons, or the Elder Powers as they are sometimes called, have been the subject of countless superstitious tales passed down by the many tribes. It is difficult to divulge their full truths. Elder Dragons are a species of super dragonlike creatures with scales of flame, light, shadow or darkness. They are the most powerful beings to have ever walked the face of Covent under the gods. Elder Dragons are also said to possess the gifts of speech and thought unlike normal dragons that are just beasts.

The Elder Dragons were divided into two sects of good and evil. They were not born on the plane of Covent and brought their war to this realm. The good Elder Dragons looked more like dragonish griffons and were swathed in feathers and fur of light and white flames that shined brighter than a Phoenix Bird. The evil sect looked like burning shadow dragons and had scales of shadow, darkness and dark fire. The evil Elder Dragons hated the good Elder Dragons and the good Elder Dragons hated them back.

The Elder Dragons could have ruled all of Covent, but for their war. Legend tells that the Elder Dragons clashed in the early histories and that their mere clashing overthrew mountains, caved in valleys and set entire forests ablaze. Mortals hid among the rocks like rats. The Elder Dragons were said to be older than Covent itself. They disappeared in the Lost Eras, though mad sailors still swear to this day of seeing them along the coasts of the Mystic Waters in the Sea of Mourning.

Few know whatever became of the Elder Dragons. Some say they left this world lest their war destroy all life. Others say they were banished by the gods. Many say they never existed at all, but a few prophecies linger that speak of their inescapable return…

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott  

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