Two Thousand Years the Elf Wars have waged...

Both Elven forest kingdoms lay ravaged and destitute. Only the Manarian Codes of War have kept the two societies from total annihilation. In the north General Ka-ling leads the Elves of Jui-Rae in their struggle against the widely feared Dark Elves of Jui-Sae. His adversary, General Sien, faces him on the last field of honor.

In the south, under the twisted dead trees of the Ashwood, a far blacker war rages. Elflord Keneb struggles to lead the southern divisions against the brutal tactics of Lord Sadora, Shadowlord over all Unseen. Sadora pushes an aggressive advance into southern Jui-Rae, burning cities and butchering entire towns. Keneb scrambles to fill his father’s big shoes, but someone is meddling behind the scenes. Golden daggers are found in the deep woods of Jui-Sae. Mysterious murders of noncombatants show up in the black forests…equal acts of mass murder to match Sadora’s own atrocities.

The age-old-war threatens to spiral out of control. General Ka-ling and General Sien blame each other for the erosion of honor that threatens to push the two kingdoms to the brink of annihilation...

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