Fata'morgana [fate-uh'more-gan-uh]:
The Fata'morgana were the once deadliest assassin's guild in all Jui-Rae, widely feared by the Dark Elves of Jui-Sae. Disbanded nearly a thousand years ago, the Elves have sworn off the murderous art of assassinations and Jui-Rae no longer employs assassins. That is until mysterious murders have begun to spring up in deep Jui-Sae, with the fabled golden daggers of Fata'morgana left behind. Whispers are passing through the kingdom that the Fata'morgana have returned...

Fata Assassin [fate-uh uh-sass-in]:
The Fata Assassins are the staple of the Fata'morgana. They are highly trained killers just as deadly as Unseen. Fata Assassins use mirage based spells to alter their appearance and they can make themselves look like anyone. This has enabled them to slip into enemy ranks and strike at deep targets, or throw the enemy ranks into turmoil, confusion, strife and ultimately bloodshed.

Fata Spies [fate-uh spies]:
The other traditional unit of the Fata'morgana, Fata Spies were often used to case targets, inform assassins of key information and plan out escape routes for hits. Many Fata Spies were also Fata Assassins who could take up the hit if one of them failed. After the rediscovery of the Fata'morgana, it is feared that Fata Spies have become entrenched in deep Jui-Sae, waiting for the order to strike.

Fata Seers [fate-uh sear]:
The Fata Seers are a new unit, created by the mastermind behind the reinstatement of the order. Fata Seers are powerful illusionists, masters of mirage based spells, but also trained in the deadlier arts of Sun Magic.

Dalinaria's Finger [Del-in-are-e-uhs fin-ger]:
Modeled after the Sada'odan's position of a right-hand assassin, Dalinaria's Finger is the top assassin in the guild, who serves directly under the guildleader himself. It is an honorary position currently held by Kamelin, an Elf of a chillingly shadowy disposition for a Light Elf.

Countless have been the bodies left behind by this shrewd assassin. Little is known about Kamelin, except that he grew up an altar boy in the temple town of Delus and got mixed up with the wrong seer, who took him into this secret fabled order. His poor mother might gasp if she knew the horrible person he turned out to be...

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott


Altaar [all-tar]:
Altaar, a religious leader devoted to the sun goddess, Dalinaria, this slick seer is far more than he pretends to be. A powerful magician, the confines of magic were not enough for him, nor were the riches of his goddess. Exploring more than the tomes of his faith and history he has brought Jui-Rae's most heavily feared unit, the fabled Fata'morgana back to life...

Altaar now sits as the mastermind behind the resurrected Fata'morgana. Striking an alliance with the Sheik, of the Merchant Guild, and the Shalton, of the Shaltearan Brotherhood out west, he has found all the funds and training needed to reforge the fabled Fata'morgana. Infected with the sickness of greed and blind ambition, the few who know his secrets fear that beneath Altaar's flashy golden cloaks lurks a monster as twisted and horrible as Sadora himself...

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

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