Goldtongue's Cartel [gold-tongue's car-tel]:
Few understand where the rise of this powerful Shamite came from, even fewer have seen his face. But the shadows of a growing financial empire are hard to ignore. Mansions and neighborhoods bought up, guilds and warehouses, harbors and merchant fleets all bearing the name of Goldtongue. All working under the thumb of a Shamite they have never seen or met. Goldtongue's legend grows and the secret minions of his growing cartel creep out to futher expand his growing empire in methods not always privy to good honest business. Many say that Goldtongue will steal the sheik's crown right off his head.

Slaves & Servants [slaves & serv-ents]:
Like any powerful Shamite, Goldtongue keeps a number of slaves and servants, though their numbers always seem far smaller than the average Shamite. Instead, Goldtongue prefers to deal with only the very best. He pays top gold for even the smallest of his subjects closest to him.

Double Agents [dub-el age-ents]:
Goldtongue has many double agents all over Sylvane working for him, secretly aiding him in his rise to power. Goldtongue's double agents are powerful allies and fiercely loyal. The reigning shiek has one such double agent on his own council.

Moth Assassins [moth a-sass-ins]:
Among Goldtongue's very favorite subjects are his Little Moths, or Little Knives, as he sometimes call them. The world's only specially trained unit of Trite Assassins, Goldtongue has found a truly quiet killer indeed. Trites are the smallest of all of Covent's races standing only two feet tall, but they have wings making them very quiet and able to sneak into the most unlikely of places. It is said many of Goldtongue's would-be rivals were found dead in their beds with a couple of posion darts sticking out of their cold dead bodies.

Goldtongue [gold-tongue]:
Goldtongue is a name that has been growing on the lips of Shamites everywhere. Whispers have been passing in the shadows of the Merchant Guild that a new Shamite’s financial strength is on the rise. Referred to originally as just “the Shamite,” the legend has morphed into a growing legend called “Goldtongue”. It is said that Goldtongue has the most honeyed speech of all Shamites and is mounting an underground financial empire that may threaten the reigning sheik. Since the crown of sheik always falls to the richest Shamite, the sheik’s throne is at risk. Other rich Shamite rivals have begun dropping all over the kingdom at a record pace. No one knows the identity of Goldtongue, but some say that he can be identified by a tongue of solid gold.

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