Horsearchers of Glorindel [Glor-in-del]:
The Horsearchers of Glorindel are one of the most legendary units in all Jui-Rae. Adorned in incredibly light Glorin plate armor this specialized cavalry unit can strike hard and fast. Made famous by charges deep into enemy territory the horsearchers have never been caught. They are all expert marksmen and can rain down devastating volleys of fire arrows to both surprise and overwhelm the enemy. General Ka-ling agreed with General Sien to cease utilizing the unit for attack missions in peace talks. The unit was to be reassigned to scouting missions and patrols due to the devastation the horsearchers reeked on Jui-Sae causing forest fires which were endangering villages and noncombatants. 

Elflord Ramerus [ram-ear-us]:
Elflord Ramerus is the celebrated commander of the legendary Horse Archers of Glorindel. Ramerus grew famous for his bold charges into Jui-Sae using devastating hit and run tactics, lighting many enemy forts and encampments aflame. Ramerus is a good and brave commander, although the recent addition of his teenaged son to his unit has left him wedged between the cleft of duty and family.

Captain Brodus [bro-dus]:
The beefy captain of the Horsearchers has always been Ramerus' best last defense. Though not the greatest marksman, he is a good leader and Ramerus' chief protection if the battle ever goes ill and a melee combat unit ever catches up with the Horsearchers of Glorindel.

Ramulan [rom-u-lan]:
Elflord Ramerus’ teenaged son. Ramulan is a proud handsome boy who is an expert marksmen. He has dreamed of being a great Horse Archers of Glorindel like his father before him, but part of his youthful arrogance has given his father cause for concern. He has just joined the Horse Archers of Glorindel and rides out with his father on his first mission.

Darius [dare-e-us]:
A strong-headed, immature new recruit, still a teenager who has just joined Ramerus' unit and has taken a liking to Ramulan.

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