Icefarers [ice-fair-ers]:
Icefarers were the original term for the race of hardy seafarers who braved the Haraglace and lived along the southern coasts of Sylvane. The term is now used for Haradrik who stay true to their cultural roots or more negatively to describe Haradian rebels or pilgram that resent Doljinaarian rule and constantly stir trouble for the kingdom. The term Icefarer is now seen as a radical political view in Doljinaar and if Icefarers get radical they can become rebels or pilgrams.

Rebels [reb-els]:
Haradrian rebels used to exist in far greater numbers in Doljinaar and were the cause of many uprisings. Rebels have never truly let go of the fact that the Haradrik lost the Icefarer Wars and are trying to win back their original homeland on Sylvane. However, increasing Doljinnarian influence and countless defeats has caused most rebels to join the pilgrims in the hopes of building a new nation for themselves.

Pilgrims [pill-grims]:
Haradrian pilgrims have given up on fighting Doljinaar, but have begun embarking on pilgrimages across the Haraglace. South of Sylvane lies the arctic continent of Witherglace. Pilgrims hope to build a new country of their own, which will be free of Doljinn rule. Thousands of unsuccessful pilgrims die every year due to Witherglace's harsh winters, but rumor of one such Haradrian city exists called Rafier's Refuge which only fuels their efforts to keep trying. Rafier was a famous Haradrian captain of the only fleet said to have founded a city on Witherglace. Trouble is no one knows the city's location or ever received word back from the infamous Captain Rafier.

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