Jarilian Priesthood [ja-ril-e-an priest-hood]:
The Jarilian Priesthood is the most sacred religious sect in all Doljinaar. Although religions of all kinds are permitted in Doljinaar, the Jarilian Priesthood are believed to commune directly with the Ascended Kings of Doljinaar. They spend much time in meditation speaking to the god kings and communicating such messages to the King and his council or at the temples or shrines to people who offer sacrifices.

Priests [priests]:
A clergyman in the Jarilian priesthood is called a priest or sometimes a monk due to the lives of relative solitude they live. Jarilian Priesthoods are sometimes sought after for wisdom, readings or prophecy, but they often spend time in medition communing with the gods. Their meditation is considered sacred since it is believed they are talking directly with the Ascended Kings in Jaril.

High Priest [high priest]:
The High Priest, or often called the King Priest, is the highest member of their order. He spends nearly every day in constant communion with the god kings. He is supposed to be so much in touch with the god kings that he has a seat in Jaril at the Council of Jaril. Of course, some people proclaim the High Priest mad with all his constant ramblings, but the king listens whenever a prophecy is handed down from the King Priest or he is wondering about the interpetation of a dream. 

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