Jile Trade Guild [jile trade guild]:
The Jile Trade Guild is a small, but united guild comprised of nearly every small tradesmen, craftsmen and vendor in Jile. Due to Jile's high crime rate, the honest townsfolk had to ban together to make a stronger pressence. The Jile Trade Guild keeps the town running and has the protection of Shade himself. Shade takes extra care of this guild since Jile is one of the only places he can buy or sell in all Doljinaar. Cross a member of Jile's Trade Guild and you cross Shade.

Keshrum [kesh-rum]:
Keshrum is a Doelm slave who escaped the gladiator arenas. Unlike other Doelms, Keshrum never had the heart for violence. He is a capable warrior, but prefers the haggard pounding out of blades over wielding his own masterworks.

Keshrum has become the most skilled blacksmith in all Jile. He is hard-working and honorable. He has found acceptance in Jile offered in no other town in all Doljinaar or even in his own black homeland.

Art contributed by artist Lona Kamakeeaina

Hoggrim [hog-grim]:
Hoggrim is the cheery pig-man owner of The Pig’s Trough eat house in Jile. Hoggrim is a member of an unknown race whose descendents were spawned off the dark magical experiments of Mortamus the Mad. After the fall of Mortamus the Mad in the second War of the Robes, Hoggrim’s descendents lived wildly in Karus Forest until they were slaughtered by Magehunters. The last known surviving member of his race, he has taken refuge in Jile and lives out a relatively peaceful existence.

Of course, Hoggrim would rather not talk about his dark history. He’d rather slap a ladleful of his locally renowned Mudcrab Medley in your bowl and grin past his awkward tusks as you savored your first bite. Hoggrim is the best cook in Jile and Shade regularly enjoys eating at The Pig’s Trough. Hoggrim has taken in a mischievous Dragol orphan named Jago who causes him lots of trouble, but he still loves the small rat-boy with his big heart.

Art contributed by artist Néstor Cruz

Grayshom [gray-shome]:
The corky Dwarven shoemaker in Jile. Grayshom has grown locally renowned for his ability to custom make any size shoe for Jile’s far more unusually sized citizens. Shade could always depend on Grayshom for a good pair of shoes.

Gordwin [gord-win]:
Gordwin is the rough whiskered innkeeper who owns The Dragon’s Den in Jile. Gordwin is an ex-soldier with a sobering scowl that has woken up a few bum drunks or rabblerrousers at the inn. He is the closest thing Shade has to a friend and acts as his informant. Shade and Gordwin having a convenient living arrangement. Shade keeps the local rabble inline and in turn Gordwin furnishes Shade with a permanent room at the inn.

Art contributed by artist Lona Kamakeeaina

Feldon [fell-don]:
The Half-Elven tanner who resides in Jile. Felden has embraced more acceptance in the remote seedy swamp town than he might find elsewhere in Doljinaar, due to people’s general prejudice against Half-Elves. Feldan is under Shade’s protection and is a member of Jile’s Trade Guild. Feldan repairs Shade’s leather armor as wear and tear or combat deem necessary.

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