Jui-Sae [jew-sigh]:
Jui-Sae, Forest of Darkness, home of the widely feared Dark Elves. The Dark Elves house an advanced culture. Some would say the most civilized of the night races, the armies of Jui-Sae are advanced and have developed many specialized units. The most famous of these legends are the Unseen who guard the borders of Jui-Sae, who lay in wait, invisible and completely undetected until that telling moment they strike. Thick are the bones of trespassers that litter Jui-Sae's dark borders.

Basic Military Units

Engineer/Artilleryman [en-gin-ear]
Dark Elven military engineers are used for building, employing and maintaining heavy artillery. They are responsible coming up with technical solutions for solving problems to cross obstacles, design siege engines, undermining, munitions and escalade. The terms of engineer and artilleryman are often used interchangeably in Dark Elven armies, but technically Chief Engineer and Engineer are higher positions. 

Local Militia [mil-i-sha]
Local militia are mostly a ragtag collection of boys and tired old Dark Elves, who guard small towns and patrol the surrounding woods since most the soldiers fit for war are off fighting the Elf Wars. Local militia substitute for local guards in many hamlets when taxes aren't adequate to support a traditional barracks. Militia general reports to the town Constable and may function as just guards or to enforce local laws and carry out sentences. A few of the larger cities on the borders of Jui-Sae, do have large long-standing militia of more experienced warriors, but more out of necessity to keep the battlefront out of such high risk cities.

Moonlord [moon-lord]
The specialized heavy armored cavalry of Jui-Sae, few lines can withstand a charge of mounted Moonlords. Moonlords are noble and have stout hearts, though some would say they're reckless. Moonlords are usually of noble birth hailing from wealthy families, so they are often armored in enchanted armors and carry runed weapons. Their armor and weapons glow in the moonlight, driving fear into the hearts of their foes.

Moon Seer [moon seer]
The religious leaders of Jui-Sae, the Holy Moon Seer Order runs services and seek the powers of the three moon gods--Shax-ing, Shal-tanna and Sai-ing. They are responsible for guiding the masses in the ways of the moons and growing in mastery over Moon Magic and at times Shadow Magic.

Shadow Archer [sha-doe arch-er]
Shadow Archers are Jui-Sae's most elite archer unit, adapting magic in the use of their tactics. Shadow Archers have been trained to move in shadow like Unseen, making them capable of surprise attacks. Also Shadow Archers may enchant their arrows with shadow flames to set enemy buildings ablaze or flares to stun the enemy.

Shadow Mage [sha-doe mage}
Shadow Mages give their whole lives to the pursuit of magic. They are not weighed down by religious duties like Moon Seers, though they would maintain that obedience to the three moons only enhances their magic. Shadow Mages are experts in Jui-Sae's two primary magic schools Shadow Magic and Moon Magic.

Shadow Warrior [sha-doe war-e-ore]
Shadow Warriors are primarily heavy infantry and melee experts. They shun magic in favor of melee weapons, plate armor and a strong advance. Shadow Warriors do utilize blades and armor enchanted by magic runes to enhance their combat skills however. Shadow Warriors are the backbone of Jui-Sae's army.

Town Guard [town guard]
Town guards are the most basic unit spread throughout the towns and cities of Jui-Sae. They usually report to simple local barracks and generally do not have as much training as recruits to the Jui-Sae's armed services. Nor are they trained in any magic. They are often boys or tired old men, but they play an essential role in protecting towns, enforcing laws and carrying out sentences. In small towns that cannot afford to maintain a local barracks, local militia fill this role. However, larger cities where taxes are more plentiful generally have paid garrisons of local guards.

Unseen Recruit [un-seen re-croot]:

Unseen Recruits must be of noble blood as they are considered Jui-Sae’s most elite soldiers. Recruits are trained in the Sada’Korum, an old underground prison that has been converted into a cryptic training facility. Lord Sadora scatters the training pit with barbs, broken glass and burning hot coals. Unseen recruits train barefoot so that their movements learn to betray no mistake. Only the strong survive.

Unseen Assassin [un-seen a-sass-in]:
Unseen Assassins are trained as stealth killers who carry out covert attacks. They use Shadow Magic to cloak their bodies making them completely invisible.

Unseen Guardian [un-seen guard-e-an]:
Unseen Guardians are charged with the tedious task of guarding Jui-Sae’s borders. Guardians also use Shadow Magic to cloak themselves and lay in wait, ready to cut down any who dare trespass into Jui-Sae.

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Wolf-Handler [wolf hand-ler]:
A breed of warriors specifically experts in wolf-taming, fitting and commanding Shadow Wolves for war. Shadows Wolves can be utilized in war to deadly effect under the command of a capable Wolf-handler.

Positions of High Status

Constable [con-sta-bul]
The constable is the head of any local barracks or militia. He oversees the town's protection, law enforcement and may also make rulings in trials. Guards, jailors and executions also report to the constable and may carry out sentences.

Elflord [elf-lord]
An Elflord is the official title of any noble of a respected house. Elflords can be found in positions of leadership throughout the kingdom. This includes, but is not limited to positions of local government, advisors to the throne, religious positions, high military rank and vassal lords. There are many Elflords serving as officers in the Elf Wars.

Duke [duke]
A duke functions as a city's ruler, or a vassal lord of a castle. Dukes must be of noble blood and are generally found ruling over large cities.

General [gen-er-al]
The highest military position in Jui-Sae, the general commands the entire army only subject to the king himself. Due to the widespread war, Jui-Sae's army has been split into four divisions, forcing other officers such as Elflords to assume the role of general to their assigned division. In the event of a mass scale battle, involving multiple divisions however, all other officers are subject to the general or the king.

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

High Moon Seeress [high moon seer-ess]
The High Moon Seeress of Jui-Sae, he is the religious leader of the Dark Elves. He runs the religious ceremonies honoring the moon gods and the position is considered to be the king's most trusted advisor. The Moon Seeress is a master of both Shadow and Moon Magics, though his primary power is found in the latter.

King [king]
The sovereign ruler of Jui-Sae, the king is the highest ruler of the kingdom. He is also considered the chief commanding officer of the army, even over the general and other sole military officers.

Minister [min-es-ter]
A minister plays the same role as a duke in a small town. They are considered the towns ruler, but do not have to be of noble blood. They are also generally elected by the townspeople to rule.

Queen [queen]
The queen is the second sovereign ruler of Jui-Sae, generally submissive to the king, but have on many occasions filled the role of ruler while the king is away at war. The queen is also the most highly committed to raising the heirs to the throne and preparing them for the responsibilities of ruling the kingdom.

Shadowlord [sha-dow-lord]:
The Shadowlord, is lord over all Unseen. He is chief adviser to the king and leads Jui-Sae’s Shadowhand Division. Yet Lord Sadora is a cold and remorseless killer who keeps a secret circle of Unseen to carry out brutal murders. Shade fled Jui-Sae to escape this circle, whose deeds proved too black even for him.

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

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