The King's Council [the king's council]:
The King's Council is his chief circle of advisers and governing officials that help him run the kingdom. The king appoints members of his council in whom he trusts. The King's Council may also make descisions in his absence by putting it to a majority vote. Each council member has a specific title and field of responsibility, for which he is considered an expert. This makes the council members very busy, but they still must attend the council a specific number of days a year.

King Magnus [mag-nuss]
King Magnus is the current reigning king of Doljinaar and obvious head of the King's Council. He is a fair and just man, though he has an implicit mistrust for magic due in part to a mistake his brother made as a boy. King Magnus' reign has been ruled by mostly peace in Doljinaar and he has proven a wise ruler, but he has known little peace. His efforts have been spent in bloody skirmishes at the borders and so peace under his reign has come at the cost of blood.

King Magnus' distrust in magic eroded like his fathers before him due to the death tolls of many wars and massacres brought on by rebel or mad mages. Magnus finally outlawed magic after the Norfolk Massacres where a single mad warlock burned half the city and killed over 10,000 people. The king's brother Phendyrimoth still contests the abolishment of magic since he is head of the High Mage Order, but magic has been forced underground.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Magnate Rohdinius [row-din-e-us]:
Magnate Rohdinius is a member of the King’s Council and more importantly the rightful financial head of all Doljinaar. An Eldorian by clan, Rohdinius is a wealthy but practical man who the king well trusts. The position of magnate is in charge of the distribution of government funds, the national treasury, taxation and other economic matters. The magnate often rubs elbows with the sheik of the Merchant Guild who sticks his nose into government business through sheer financial power alone.

Marshall General Galamar [gal-a-marr]:
Galamar is the highest ranking officer of the army, second only to the king himself. He is a member of the King’s Council and serves as chief military advisor. He is an arrogant pureblooded Doljinn many say has fallen too far out of touch with the battlefronts. He does not command the same respect of the army like the generals below him who serve as field commanders to Doljinaar’s many divisions. Many soldiers call him the “Tin General,” behind his back and Galamar’s showy silver decorative suit of armor only support such accusations. The position of marshall general has always been problematic in this way. The rank is generally filled by nobles who are fast-tracked to promotions and spend more time whispering in the king’s ear than at the actual battlefronts.

Promagistrate Ordin [ore-din]:
Ordin is the king's appointed promagistrate and a valuable member of the King's council. Promagistrate Ordin is a Thane, a first cousin of the king and therefore born close to the throne. However, Ordin is a just man and humble for one born in so high a status and gifted with the blood of the gods. Ordin fought in many wars before finally returning to the grand political forum. As result, he is a wise ruler and one of the king's most trusted advisers. The position of promagistrate oversees all the magistrates and prefects of all Doljinaar. Magistrates have been appointed to great cities and prefects to small towns as regional governors. Ordin greatly assists King Magnus in the overall running of the kingdom.

Speaker Zahan [zay-han]:
Speaker Zahan is the king's appointed speaker of the Imperium, or the Grand Forum, and a member of the king's own console. Speaker Zahan is a well-respected monk of the Jarilian Priesthood who is good with words and is the chief mediator of all political debates in the Grand Forum. Zahan is an old man, an arthritic and a Jinto by race, but has rubbed a few council members the wrong way. Some question whether Zahan is really the crippled old man he pretends to be.

Sheik Jestier [jes-tear]:
Sheik Jestier is the reigning sheik of the powerful Merchant Guild and the wealthist of all Shamites. This position was originally held by the resigned Shamite King when Old Shamaria became a Dolijinaarian province centuries ago. However, money is the beating heart of the guild. The richest Shamite is the reigning sheik. The sheik's power has come under threat by a secret unknown rival known as Goldfinger.

The Merchant Guild is the most influential guild in all the kingdom and pokes their noses into everyone’s business. The line of sheiks have even wormed their way onto the king’s council. Interested in controlling his investiments all over the kingdom, Jestier pokes his nose into Lewd's business in the criminal underworld and even matters of the Doljinn throne itself, much to King Magnus' chagrin.

Vizier Prognos [prog-nos]:
Vizier Prognos is a member of the King’s Counsel. He serves as an advisor and can vote on decisions in the king’s stead. He is in charge of intelligence, the spy network and espionage in the kingdom of Doljinaar. Men often refer to his position as The King’s Eye. It is said The King’s Eye sees all things.

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