Loyalists [loy-al-ists]:
A small, but growing camp of Haradrik who hav accepted Doljinaarian life and do not wish to secede from Doljinaar. They are often referred to as Loyalists. They are regarded with disdain and an air of betrayal by other Haradrik, but they have earned the trust of Doljinaar. Most Loyalists live in the Haradrian District in Capital Doljinaar and have been rewarded richly for their steadfast service.

Citizens [sit-a-sins]:
Most Loyalists try to attain their Doljinnarian Citzenship, which grants them more rights and earns the trust of Doljinns. Haradrian who attain this status often live well above their means, which causes Icefarers to accuse them of being bought out. Most Loyalists live in the Haradrian District of Capital Doljinaar where they enjoy the most privledges and security.

Majesterium [ma-jest-tear-e-um]:
The most loyal of Haradrian Loyalists join the elite royal guard of Doljinaar. The Loyalists are entrusted with the secret location and care of the Isle of the Hidden King, a fortress of the last resort, hidden deep in the Haraglace to hide the king of Doljinaar in times of war or a threat to the throne. 

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