High Mage Order [high-mage-ore-der]:
The High Mage Order was once the highest and most widely respected magician's guild in all Doljinaar. Many great mages served in military services, forged great works and gave wise council for centuries. The light and dark robes were once united at their tower, Mithralmora, in Kurn. However, years of mistrust and prejudice gradually broke the two sects apart.

The brittle alliegence of light and dark robes finally broke apart during the abolishment of magic in Doljinaar. After decades of ambitious magicians seeking the Greater Powers of magic, many died or went mad in its pursuit. These magicians often slew thousands in their madness, leading to great civil wars in Doljinaar, which sowed a growing mistrust for magic in the west.

Light Robes Dark Robes
The Light Robes comprise the white, gold, green and red robes, although the order has begun to show more prejudice to the red robes of the once united High Mage Order.
  Red Robes are shunned for also dabbling in the darker arts. The Light Robes ruled Mithralmora until magic was abolished. They were nearly wiped out at the siege of Mithralmora had it not been for the magic of the great Phendryimoth. The Light Robes built another tower called Mindrasterel deep in the Vespuviar Depths connected by a series of magic gates that are their only connection to the mainland.
The Dark Robes comprise the black, gray and brown robes of the once united High Mage Order. The Dark Robes are largely blamed by the lighter robes for the pursuit of blacker arts that birthed the more destructive mad wizards which led to the abolishment of magic in Doljinaar. The Dark Robes were originally pushed down to the Kurn sewers of Mithralmora due to the prejudice of the Light Robes. Ironically, when the the legions of Doljinaar laid seige to the tower the Dark Robes locked the Light Robes in to be slaughtered. The Dark Robes still dwell in the Kurn sewers to this day.

Diviner: Diviners, or White Robes, are masters of Life Magic, being trained in the sub-schools of Light, Divinism and Dispell Magic. Diviners can cast powerful light-based spells that can confuse, blind or be honed into powerful offensive spells. Diviners are also able to buff or shield allies with blessings from the gods. They can also remove powerful spells by other wizards. The art of healing has been lost in the world of Covent, even to White Robes who still seek such powers. White Robes detest the darker robes and accuse them of the many plights of magic.

Necromancer: Necromancers, or Black Robes, are masters of Death Magic, being trained in the sub-schools of Darkness, Curse and Demise Magic. Necromancers study the powers of death, disease and darkness. Spells can be used to blind, wither, curse or cause death. Death spells can also be cast on inanimate objects to cause decomposition, rot, rust or any other effect resulting from age. Black Robes are the most feared and untrusted of all the dark robes. They are often accused of dabbling in the lost and forbidden black arts.

Sorcerers, or Gold Robes, are masters of Essence Magic, being trained in the sub-schools of Alteration, Empowerment and Illusionment.  Sorcerers study the art of forcing their will on and reshaping the physical world. Their powerful magics can change a person, place or thing into something greater or weaker than its original form (with some limitations). Gold Robes can also cast powerful illusions. The other magic schools are far more dangerous since changing the physical properties of something can have unpredictable side effects.
Warlock: Warlocks, or Brown Robes, are masters of Chaos Magic, being trained in the sub-schools of Destruction, Discord and the Psionart. Warlocks draw their power from the very essence of disorder and the destructive powers of this world. Chaos Magic wields some of the most catastrophic magic spells. It can also be used in simpler ways like driving chaos into an army or even invading the mind of an enemy commander. Warlocks are widely feared even among the dark robes since their spells can often get out of control.

Druid: Druids, or Green Robes, are masters of Nature Magic, being trained in the sub-schools of Beast, Land, Plant, Sea or Weather Mastery. Each of these schools are so powerful a Druid will usually focus on only one in his entire career. Druids draw their power from the natural world and strive to stay in tune with nature. They hesitate to over-extend their wills over nature, afraid of disrupting the natural order of things. Druids sharply disagree with Elementalists who they believe abuse nature and don't care about the damage they do to nature.  

Elementalists, or Gray Robes, are masters of Elemental Magic, being trained in the sub-schools of Earth, Fire, Ice, Water and Wind Mastery. Elementalists also derive their power from the natural world, but they believe men are meant to exercise dominion. Unlike Druids, Elementalists have no respect for nature so their spells are highly destructive. Elementalist will usually choose the best combination of sub-schools to maximize their power. For instance an Elementalist wanting to produce hurricanes would master Wind and Water Mastery.
Sage: Sages, or Red Robes, are masters of multiple schools of magic. They may study any field or combination of fields of their choosing. Sages are meant to know magic in all its forms, Balance as it is caused by other mages, but their knowledge is at times spread too thin, causing some of them to make less effective wizards. The Red Robes were once the most respected robe of the order, but a recent prejudice has arisen against Sages by members other robes who now consider them dabblers.
Lessor Robes
The High Mage Order has numerous other robes and classes that don't fall so easily under the hierachy of light and dark. Nearly every robe or class has it's use, but not all of them have the respect of the High Mage Council. New tales will reveal other classes.

Bladecasters, or the Blade Order as they are sometimes referred to are students of both weaponry and magic. Bladecasters often use their magic to enhance their weapons, armor or to launch an unexpected attack at an enemy combatant. Although powerful in combat, they are often looked down upon by the rest of the order, who views their interests as divided and considers them only dabblers of the magic arts. A few Bladecasters go against the grain and can also cast some very powerful spells.

Enchanter: Enchanters are masters of enchanting weapons and armor. Enchanters may adorn any of the colored robes and may even dabble more lightly in any field of magic, just as long as they produce high quality enchanted weapons, armor, relics and scrolls. Enchanters are the most widely accepted of the lessor robes since they bring a great deal of income to the order and many of their creations prove of great use to mages who may want to use a spell or two from another magic school.
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