Merchant Guild [mer-chant guild]:
The Merchant Guild is the most powerful financial power in all Doljinaar. The guild is ran by mostly rich Shamites who founded it during the Kingswar that united the human race. The Merchant Guild has wormed its way into every seat of influence in all Doljinaar and has put a stranglehold on the Doljinaar economy nearly as old as the Doljinn Dynasty itself. Even the king of all Doljinaar is forced to curry favor with the powerful rulers of the Merchant Guild.

Slaves & Servants [slaves & ser-vants]:
Of course, most would say the thousands of slaves and servants under the service of the powerful rulers of the Merchant Guild are hardly worthy of mention, but they make up the largest number. Every Shamite mogul and the sheik himself has hundreds and sometimes thousands of slaves and servants under him. The level by which Shamites oppress and flaunt their troves of subjects is truly sickening.

Merchant Knights [mer-chant nights]:
The Merchant Knights are ex-soldiers and hired mercenaries paid top coin to protect and fight for the interests of the guild. They are known for their cruelity and some say they have souls as cold as bloodstone. Merchant Knights usually wield their own weapons, but the guild provides them with flashy gold armor and helms with crests that reach down to their ankles to signify their fealty to the guild.

Moguls [mo-ghouls]:
The moguls are the highest leaders of the guild, subject to only the sheik. Moguls have to be grossly rich to attain such a high status and usually only of Shamite descent. The moguls serve as the sheik's advisors, mouthpieces and are also valuable benefactors behind the surplus of wealth that flows behind the guild. Moguls love to be carried around on litters by troves of servants to flaunt their riches, trying to outdo their fellow moguls in gaudy displays of wealth.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Sheik [sheek]:
The sheik is the head of the guild and is often treated like a king even by rulers of powerful countries. The original sheik was the Shamite king who willingly surrendered his crown to High King Doljinn back in the Kingswar that united the human race. However, nowadays the title of sheik goes to the richest Shamite in all the world. This has caused moguls to at times fight amongst themselves for the financial crown. The sheik has even wormed his way onto the king's council of mighty Doljinaar. Sheiks usually march to a meeting with a parade to announce their presence and are by far the worst offenders of blaringly obnoxious displays of wealth.

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