Midnightstar Division [mid-nite-star]:
The Midnightstar Division is the central division of Jui-Sae, currently deployed at the Wasting Wall battling over the ruin of Old Manaria. The division is currently under the command of Moonlord Salazaar. The division is charged with guarding all of central Jui-Sae and is often called up to assist other divisions in times of need. As result, the Midnightstar Division is almost entirely mounted, giving it even greater mobility. The Midnightstar Division employs mostly Moonlords, but also mounted units of Unseen Guardians, Shadow Mages, Shadow Archers, scouts, heavy artillery, light cavalry and three units of Unseen Assassins...


Moonlord Salazarr
Salazarr is one of the most chivalrous noblelords in all Jui-Sae. He is brave and wholly committed to the knighthood. He is generous and reaches out to the common people in deeds of valor. He is a champion jouster and master swordsman, matched only by his bitter rival Sunlord Barathine of Jui-Rae.

Specialized Units

The Moonlord Knighthood [moon-lord]:
The Moonlords are one of the most famed units of all Jui-Sae. Moonlords are heavily armored cavalry known, and at times criticized, for charging in against any enemy. Moonlords wear armor enchanted with Moon Magic, causing the runes on their armor to glow with majestically. Moonlords come primarily from nobleblood, which means all their swords and lances are primarily enchanted as well. Moonlords live by a strict code of honor and the highest virtues of fealty and self-sacrifice.

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