Moonguard Division [moon-guard]:
The Moonguard Division is the royal division of Jui-Sae and under the direct command of the king of Jui-Sae. It's primary purpose is to protect the capital and do as the king commands. The Moonguard Division is comprised of the widest range of units including Moonlords, Shadow Warriors, Shadow Mages, Unseen Guardians, Unseen Assassins, Shadow Archers, scouts, heavy artillery, light cavalry and the king's own elite royal order of Unseen.


King Solshistaar
King Solshistaar is a good and fair king. He is strong, stern, but just. He was groomed to be king and trained in the royal Unseen Order. He has had a good, but hard rule broking a semi workable peace with King Ariston in the midst of an age old war. Many would argue his primary downfall would be his trust he puts in one of his chief advisers, Lord Sadora himself.

High Moon Seeress Savorax [save-ore-ax]:
The High Moon Seeress, or just Moon Seeress for short, is the highest religious figure in the kingdom. Savorax is also the most powerful magician in the kingdom, a master of both Moon Magic and Shadow Magic. He has been temporarily relieved from his position in the army to pursue the Greater Powers of magic. The kings hopes that Savorax will succeed in attaining the Greater Powers and at long last bring an end to the Elf Wars. The study has been a dark journey for Savorax and the magic has begun to take its toll on the Moon Seeress. Many have gone mad or died in its pursuit.

Specialized Units

The Shadowguard [sha-doe guard]:
he name of the royal elite guard, comprised of only the greatest of Unseen Guardians. Becoming a member of this elite order is considered the highest honor for all Unseen Guardians, who guard Jui-Sae's vast borders. They dream of one day standing proudly before the king and guarding the royal family.

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