Morningstar Division [morn-ing-star di-vi-sion]:
The Morningstar Division is the southern division of Jui-Rae, currently deployed in the twisted trees of the Ashwood. It is currently under the command of Elflord Keneb. The Morningstar Division has been put on the defensive by Lord Sadora's brutal tactics.
The Morningstar Division employs Woodguard, Sun Mages, Rangers,  Fire Archers, mounted horse, scouts, heavy artillery, light cavalry and some say that a member in the division has ties to the Fata'morgana.


Elflord Keneb
Elflord Keneb is the struggling commander of Jui-Rae's Morningstar Division. He is currently engaged with Lord Sadora's forces in the Ashwood and is having a hard time matching Sadora's ruthless tactics. Elflord Keneb is an honorable leader who has vowed to avenge his father's death, who was also killed by Sadora. The Morningstar Division has been divided by a moral rift due to their continued loses with half of the army urging him to compromise his honor to match Sadora's evils.

Altaar [all-tar]:
An ambitious seer of the Sun Seer Order, of Jui-Rae, Altaar is known for his outrageous jewelry, buttery tongue and showy speeches. Altaar is renowned for the pomp and flare he pours into his religious ceremonies, though many would question his true devotion to his sun goddess, Dalinaria. There are some in the order who would describe him as a sponge who grows his own ego off the light of his goddess.

Altaar is a powerful caster and a master of Sun Magic, possibly the greatest of his day. Altaar has been assigned to the Morningstar Division as clergy for moral support and to offer the soldiers services and prayers to Dalinaria. These are duties he shirks far too quickly, growing fast entangled in the chain of command under Elflord Keneb, who despises him intently. Altaar has been involved in the war in the south in the Ashwood, though few of Keneb's division have come to accept him as part of the army. Long is the line of Elves who do not trust the shifty Sun Seer and many suggest he is hiding far worse behind that flashy grin.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Kamelin [kame-lin]:
Kamelin is Altaar's mysterious bodyguard. Also sometimes called Altaar's aide, he does not say much. His very presence unnerves many Elves who have never gotten a good look at his face under the cowl of his golden hood. They also claim that that shadows hang unnaturally thick onto this light-skinned Elf. Only Altaar knows Kamelin's full purposes, but his presence only seems to spell death. One has only to stare into those cold dark eyes...

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Specialized Units

The Fata'morgana [fate-ah-morg-an-a]:
An ancient order of fabled Quaelinarian Assassins, the Fata'morgana were once the deadliest guild of assassins Jui-Rae had ever known. They used mirage base spells to become anyone, making them impossible to weed out and find until it was too late. Disbanded by King Ariston's great, great, great grandfather due to a belief that assassins lacked honor on the battlefield, comparing them to the likes of Unseen, the Fata'morgana have become a legend of past antiquity. The Elves take great pride and self-righteousness in the fact that their people no longer stoop to the same lows of Dark Elves by utilizing assassins in warfare.

Scoundrels of Kalorane [ka-low-rain]:
A rarely talked about band of recruits from the twisted and haunted Elvish city of Kalorane, they are legendary for their battle prowess, much like their Dark Elven mortal enemies of Kadosha. Elflord Keneb has simply chosen to ignore these immoral scoundrels and refuses to enlist the worst of this bunch much to widespread criticism, but it has made the reigns of his army a little easier to control. 

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