Thieves of Nefar [theeves of na-far]:
The thieves of Nefar are one of the notorious thieves bands out east. A thieves' town situated in a hidden valley just outside Jui-Sae, the Dark Elves of Nefar have gone out of their way to ensure they are left alone. The punishments for thievery in Jui-Sae are very strict, so the thieves of Nefar prey mostly on humans and light elves traveling down the Sunchild Chasm.

Thieves [theeves]:
The Thieves of Nefar have no real organization and typically operate in small individual bands out for easy loot and more importantly themselves. However, there is one legend that defines a pecking order in Nefar, the legend of Shadowfinger.

Shadowfinger [sha-dow-fin-ger]:
Shadowfinger is the name of a legendary Dark Elven thief that has been passed down and reused throughout the generations in the town of Nefar. Shadowfinger was once highly feared for preying on travelers in the Sunchild Chasm back in the days the chasm was the most well-traveled route into Jui-Rae. The real Shadowfinger has been dead for centuries, but that hasn't stopped a number of wanna-be's from abusing the name since it invokes fear.

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