Aagdensool [ag-den-sule]:
Aagdensool is a town that lives in the shadow of a prison in Jui-Sae where the Dark Elves keep thousands of prisoners of war. Aagdensool has grown a reputation for torture since the townsfolk can hear the constant screams coming from the Tower of Aagdensool. So great is the suffering in Aagdensool that the town name has become known worldwide as a place of horrible suffering.

Arden Plateau [ar-den plat-toe]:
The plateau that lies at the Capital Doljinaar's very doorstep between the Trail of Majesty and the Ice Marshes. The Arden Plateau is a relatively flat mesa in the foothills ideal for the many roads which converge on one's way to the capital. The roads merge into the Trail of Majesty, which passes through the Jaril Mountains and leads into Doljinaar, City of Kings.

Argnoan District [arg-no-an dis-trict]:
The Argnoan District, also known as the Beggar's District, is the poorest district of Capital Doljinaar. The Argnoan District is a maze of old rundown rowhouses and a roughshod collection of poor construction built over itself. The constant riots in the district cause a strict curfew to be in effect and its gates are closed every night. The Argnoan District was named after King Argnor, the Cursed and it is said that just as nothing good came out of Argnor's reign, nothing good ever comes out of the Argnoan District.

Arynathia [are-noth-e-ah]:
Arynathia, City of Gold, is the Elven capital. Considered the jewel of the kingdom, the Elves rarely share her streets with outsiders. The wealth and beauty of Arynathia are legendary all over the world. The walls and palace are made of gold. Its foundation is said to be made of the largest slab of Bloodstone ever discovered. The few outsiders fortunate enough to lay eyes on Arynathia are led in blindfolded, so secretive are the Elves of their beloved capital.

Ashwood, the [the Ashwood]:
The Ashwood is a twisted deadwood that encompasses much of the southern Jui-Rae and Jui-Sae. It is an ash-swept skeletal wood that has been dying for over a thousand years. It is said the wood is both cursed and haunted. The long dead trees bleed and weep with an eerie ethereal darkness. It is a place of nightmares and warped things. Most Elves believe the great magics unleashed here forever wounded the land and it has never healed.

The Ashwood burnt out long ago, sparked by the clash of the Dark Elven wizard Kadosha and the Elven wizard Kalorane, who unleashed a dark fire that consumed all the south. It is said the two warring wizards could not control the strange black flames that devoured wood, stone, metal and even water like kindling. Elven legends say the two rival wizards went down fighting the blaze side by side. Some say had not a merciful wind blown down from Mount Haven the otherworldly forest fire would have consumed all Jui-Rae and Jui-Sae a thousand years ago…

Azranool [az-rah-nule]:
Azranool is the ruin of a flying citadel that crash-landed in the Ice Marshes during the Third War of the Robes. Azranool was the fortress of Azranoth, the All-Powerful who was an ascendant wizard that attained the Greater Powers and tried to lay siege to Doljinaar, City of Kings. Azranool believed himself to be a god of magic and he tried to overthrow the throne of Doljinaar. He was stopped by Jaradin, the Wise who died fighting him and the citadel crashed and sunk into the marshes. Azranool has now grown into a haunt that attracts dark unpleasant things and has become the lair of a giant Ooelm who now stalks the south swamps.

Barrel Dam [bar-el dam]:
The Barrel Dam is the pickup station where goods that have been ferried downriver in barrels may be claimed by their owners. The dam is constructed right at the mouth of the north fork of the Shardenile River to prevent barrels from washing out to sea. The Valsharen, or Riverfolk, built the barrel dam to offload goods and work tirelessly. Long lines of customers are usually seen waiting to pick up deliveries.

Black Markets, the [black mark-ets]
The Black Markets is the illegal underground marketplace housed in the Kurn Sewers. The markets lie at the center of the sewers and have been transformed into a bustling marketplace complete with an open bazaar, shops and compounds. Night mortals and men of questionable reputation fill this highly dangerous, but highly lucrative underground market. The Shamites have long turned a blind eye to these illegal markets to further line their already fat pockets.

Brick, the [brick]:
The Brick is Warlord Lewd’s secret bunker in his palace designed to seal him off in the event of a siege or assassination attempt.

Capital Doljinaar, City of Kings [cap-i-tal dole-jin-ar]:
Capital Doljinaar, or simply Doljinaar, is the nation’s capital. The name is often spoken with the word capital to differentiate it from the actual kingdom of Doljinaar of the same name. The walls of Capital Doljinaar are said to be unassassible, too large for any siege engine.

Doljinaar is also sometimes called “City of Kings” or “Ten Cities” due to the city's record-breaking size. The capital is comprised of ten massive districts, each the size of a bustling metropolis. Capital Doljinaar is considered a wonder of the world, some would boast it rivals even the size of a small country.


Map contributed by J. L. Ficks

Covent [co-vent]:
Covent is the name of the world. It spans over eight massive continents and four oceans. It is home to over fifty races, over sixteen unique human nationalities and over twenty nations. Much of Covent is largely unsettled during this age. Sylvane in the middle lower right, is the most crowded continent, although nomadic peoples are gradually spreading to other continents as well.

Globe designed by byy J. L. Ficks & James Gilks

The small Dark Elven frontier town of Crescent lies on the fringe between the living and dead forests of Jui-Sae. It nearly burned during the burning of the Ashwood a thousand years ago, when a mysterious wind blew down Mount Haven and saved the town. Some Faelin came to believe in Exkolnar, the god of this great mountain, but they were driven out by the Moon Seer Order. Cresent lives forever in the shadow of the Ashwood and is still considered by many to be a spiritual place.

Daggerport [dag-er-port]
Daggerport is the northern military harbor that guards the Sea of Mourning. It is situated on a remote isle in the Sea of Mourning, which rains almost constantly. Daggerport is under constant threat of attack by the powerful navies of the Syssrah.

Dagnor [dag-nore]:
A small Faelin port town on the Dead Cost, utilized by mostly fishermen since Jui-Sae does not trade with outside nations. Jui-Sae does not place much value on the town, other than the foods and goods it can glean off the sea. Few Faelin find reason to travel to the town since Dagnor’s goods can be shipped off and sold in markets in southern cities. The townsfolk of Dagnor are a rare breed of Dark Elves, since few of their people have the stomach for sailing.

Darum District [dar-um District]
The newest district of Capital Doljinaar. The city used up all of its peninsula centuries ago, but recent engineering breakthroughs is trying to expand the capital further over part of the rocky isles of the Duvildarum Waterways. The Darum District has been under-construction for a long time due to extreme seasonal weather conditions. Part of the area freezes over in the winter and spring is a major flood season. The work of expanding between the isles is also long tideous work as some construction must be done undersea.

Daarusdruin [dare-us-drew-an]:
Daarusdruin is the mysterious moving secret magical fortress of the druids that roams around Karus Forest and is said to be impossible to find.

Dead Coast, the [the dead coast]:
The Dead Cost, or Old Jui-Sae, is the southern coastline of Jui-Sae marked by the dead trees of the Ashwood. The Dead Coast has been named in part due to its barrenness, even for the Ashwood, resulting from both Faelin disinterest in coastal land and repeated defenses of this area from raiders and looters invading from Doljinaar.

Delus [dell-us]:
A small town sacred to the Elves of Jui-Rae, Delus houses the Sun Temple, which is the sun goddess Dalinaria’s greatest shrine. The Sun Temple is a destination for a weekly pilgrimage for royalty and nobles who live in southern Jui-Rae and pay homage to Dalinaria.

Dinnelikar [din-el-a-kar]:
Dinnelikar, the Beautiful, was once a thriving city in southern Jui-Rae, known for its sprawling sunstone spires. Dinnelikar was sacked by the Dark Elves a thousand years ago in the middle of the Elf Wars. It was razed and fell into ruin. It is still listed on Elvish maps, however, since it still maintains the presence of the Sun Seer Order’s abbey. Apprentices, pupils and sons whose parents are simply trying to spare them the war study here in hopes of becoming a member of the order.

Doelm Quadrant [dolem quad-rant]
The Kurn sewers are divided up into six quadrants ruled primarily by a race. The Doelm Quadrant is ruled by the Doelms.

Doljinaar (capital) [dole-jin-ar]: See Capital Doljinaar

Doljinaar (kingdom) [dole-jin-ar]:
Doljinaar. The White Lion. Kingdom of might and stone. Protector of the West. Doljinaar is the world’s ultimate superpower. The united kingdom of men was a born of a dream of a united humanity, but ushered in a free world. Doljinaar has reigned for over a thousand years and stands against the nations of night. It nearly emcompases half of the great continent of Sylvane.

Doljinaar Catacombs [dole-jin-ar cat-a-combs]:
Long forgotten beneath the streets of Capital Doljinaar, City of Kings lies a vast underground maze of ruins called the Doljinaar Catacombs. The Doljinaar Catacombs got its name not from the tombs of men, but the tombs of cities, cities upon cities. The capital ran out of space at the coastlines centuries ago and so instead of demolishing old districts, Doljinns began the practice of building over abandoned construction. They walled in and roofed over entire city blocks paving streets on the newly formed levels above. This process was repeated so many times over the centuries that now levels upon levels of forgotten city ruins lay buried beneath Doljinaar's streets.

The Doljinaar Catacombs has become a multi-level dungeon so grand in scope and breath that many losts in its depths never see the light of day again. Most of its dangers remain largely unknown. Some say the original citys of Old Doljinaar and Old Durnia can be found down there, but the deepest levels have been flooded with seawater. Icetooth Sharks feed in the great icy deeps. It is said that thieves, Dragols, Grumlings, Welves, O'bommen lurk in the ruins. Witches practice forbidden rituals and have awakened great evils. Whispers say dragons stir and far worse.

Doruggdoom [door-ug-doom]:
The peaks of Doruggdoom shake under the intense anger of the volcanic mountains. Smoke and lava spits its into the air spewing forth rivers of lava and scortching the black basalt rock where barely a plant grows. The black mountains are said to be uninhabitable, but the Drakor, or dragon-men, have claimed this vast volcanic wasteland at their home.. The Drakor are one of the great powers of the night races.
The legendary tower cities of the Drakor rise high above the moutains making up the kingdom of Doruggdoom. The dragon-men swoop down from their cities to hunt, scavenge and slay all who dare tresspass into their lands. The Drakor are a great threat to Doljinaar. They send raiders that decend upon cities or steal away travelers and force them into slave labor in their dark lands.

Dragon's Den, the [the drag-ons den]:
The Dragon’s Den Inn & Tavern is the inn where Shade lives. The Dragon’s Den is owned by a rough whiskered ex-soldier named Gordwin. It is known for its good ale and rough, but loosely policed nature due to Shade’s presence.

Dragontooth Mountains, the [the drag-on-tooth mount-ains]:
The Dragontooth Mountains is the long mountain range that cuts the Elderlands off from the rest of southern Sylvane. Some of the tallest mountains in the world, the great peaks deter many dragon species from hunting for prey to the south in more civilized areas The mountaintops are snowy whitecaps, which provide warm-blooded dragons few places to rest. The mountains are also so named since some of the peaks bear a resemblance to giant fangs.

Drakor Quadrant [dra-kore quad-rant]
The criminal underworld of the Kurn Sewers are divided up into six quadrants ruled primarily by a race. The Drakor Quadrant is ruled by the Drakor.

Dunhara [dun-har-a]:
Dunhara is the located on a deserted frozen isle in the Gulf of Harab which is the ancient religious Temple of Haradrus sacred to the Haradrik people. It is said that the ice god, Haradrus cast his people out in his anger when the Haradrik clan lost the Icefarer Wars and fell under Doljinnarian rule. The temple is said to be filled with the frozen bodies of Haradrik who tried to beg their god's forgiveness. Sailors say they can still hear Haradrus wailing in his anger when sailing past the isle.

Duvildarum Waterways [du-vil-dar-um wa-ter-ways]:
The Duvildarum Waterways are the series of isles and waterways that surround the southern coastlines of Doljinaar, City of Kings. Known for extreme seasonal conditions large paths of waterways freeze over during the winter. Spring brings new dangers as the thaw and heavy rains unleash coastal seawaters causing massive flooding in the waterways and surrounding coastlands. The southern portion of Capital Doljinaar had to be constructed with extra provisions to deal with seasonal tides. Doljinaarian engineering has advanced so much that Doljinaar is finally expanding over some of the isles gaining valuable space for the crowded capital.

Dwarmen District [dwar-men dis-trict]:
Dwarmen Distrist is a subject of debate among both the Durnish clan of men and general prejudice against half-races. Dwarmen are Half-Dwarves, hard-working and ingenious, but they prefer living above ground like men. Unlike Half-Elves, they are rapidly gaining widespread acceptance due to their many trade skills. The Dwarmen District was given to the Dwarmen as a reward for their ingenuity. A section of the Durnish District that had fallen into slums was sectioned off and given to the Dwarmen. The Dwarmen tore down the slums and began rebuilding a district of their own. Doljinaar's gesture has caused a lot of resentment of Dwarmen by Durnish tradesmen who see the half-race as a threat.
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