Imperium, the [the imp-ear-e-um]:
The Imperium, otherwise known as the Grand Forum, is a public politcal forum where the king and his council hold live political debates in the kingdom of Doljinaar. It is also an audience podium from which any, even common citizens may seek an audience with the king and/or his council.

Ice Marshes, the [the Ice Marshes]:
The Ice Marshes are a temperate swamp which lies on the very doorstep of the capital. It is named for its treacherous winters where the marshlands freeze over, although it has warm seasons. Roads take great care to go around the treacherous marshes. Tribesman, wildlife and other evils still lurk there.

Most of the winding roads to Jile have been swallowed by the swamps. Shade knows the marshes well and these icy boglands only add to the seclusion of the seedy swamp town. Night mortals, half-breeds and criminals find refuge in the remote town of Jile.

Isle of the Hidden King [aisle of the- hid-den king]:
Hidden deep in the howling haze of the Haraglace, its location is only known to a trusted few. A frozen fortress on a secret isle this stronghold is Doljinaar's last defense to protect its king in the event of major war or an assassination attempt. Only the royal family and the Majesterium know the location of the Isle of the Hidden King.

Jaril [jar-ill]:
Jaril is Doljinaar's version of heaven, an eternal city that sits atop the clouds of the Jaril Mountains. It is believed that the kings of Doljinaar, or the Thanes, ascend the Mount Jaril when they die and attain godhood. It is believed that the Thanes take their seats among the other kings who have gone before them and they rule as gods.

Jaril Mountains [jar-ill mount-ins]
The Jaril Mountains is the mountain range that looms over the Trail of Majesty, which is a long mountain pass that leads into Capital Doljinaar, City of Kings. The Jaril Mountains are considered holy and the statues of many kings who are believed to have ascended into godhood guard the path. It is also believed that the kings of Doljinaar ascend these mountains to their eternal rest in Jaril above.

Jile [Jile]:
Jile is a shady town that lies at the heart of the Ice Marshes. Jile has become a hide for criminals, outcasts, night mortals, half-breeds and others of bad reputation. Shade has taken refuge in Jile. He has developed such a reputation in Jile that many of the locals call it Shade’s town.

Jile is one of the most unique towns of all Doljinaar. Nowhere else in the kingdom can one find night mortals living with the men and half-breeds under daylight. Jile's remote location has also increased its corruption and allure to criminals.

Jile has grown into a weathly town, although visitors would never equate Jile with weath. Its half-sunken walls and many abandoned buildings breed more life than few would realize. Evil never sleeps in Jile...

Jindoruum [jin-door-um]:
Jindoruum in the infamous ancient prison of Capital Doljinaar. It is located in the Hugrand District mostly underground. Once a tower before it was buried through centuries of over-old city construction, it is now one of the deepest most feared prisons of all Doljinaar. Some say the worst of criminals are tossed into the deepest depths of Jindoruum and forgotten.

Jui-Rae [jew-rye]:
Jui-Rae. The Golden Forests. The Elves, or Quaelinari as they are called in their own language, dwell in a vast forest kingdom of unspeakable beauty.

Majestic golden trees glow with a breathtaking luminance and magnificent golden sunstone cities rise above the trees. Quaint sunwood towns spot the deep woods, but Jui-Rae’s renowned beauties wither in an age old conflict—the Elf Wars.

Jui-Sae [jew-sigh]:
Jui-Sae. Forest of Darkness. The Dark Elves, or the Faelin in their own language, rule a secret night kingdom. The Unseen guard the black woods prepared to cut down any trespasser. Twisted black trees with black leaves grow in the dark forests. The skulls of thousands of Elves and Men litter the borders, but deep Jui-Sae holds many secrets.

Few would dare image Jui-Sae’s hidden beauties. Majestic moonstone cities glow in the deep woods, midnight flowers twinkle under starlit glades, but the Elf Wars threaten to consume all the Dark Elves have kept secret for so long.

Kadosha, the Unseen City [ka-doe-shaw]:
Few Dark Elven cities have captured worldwide fame to match the Unseen City of Kadosha. Kadosha lays hidden under a thick magical cloud that shrouds it from the outside world. Kadosha was first shrouded over a thousand years ago when it was just a mining colony by the wizard, Kadosha, after whom the city gets its name. It is considered the first successful casting of the Greater Powers of Shadow Magic and it has endured to this day.

The Dark Elves have often boasted of this groundbreaking enchantment, but beneath the magical cloud lies a far darker city. The twisting magical cloud that protects the city has grown haunted, shrieking to life with horrifying screams, ghastly faces and wispy hands that grab for the flesh of the living. Spirits swoop down through the city, which has fallen into ruin and depravity. The people of Kadosha have grown into a twisted people and the city has yielded some of the deadliest most warped soldiers and brigands this world has ever known. Kadosha is in a constant state of war with Kalorane over the vast and abundant resources of Manar Mines.

Kalorane, City of Thorns [ka-low-rain]:
Kalorane, also sometimes called City of Mirages, is considered by many Elves to be a sister city to the twisted Dark Elven city of Kadosha. Though not as famous it shares a chillingly similar history. Kalorane was the Elvish mining colony founded in Manar Mines that was the chief rival of Kadosha. It is also named after the wizard Kalorane. Kadosha and Kalorane were rivals, who mirrored each other in accomplishments and aspirations. They were two of the most powerful magic users to ever live.

After the city of Kadosha was veiled in shadow, Kalorane too achieved its own form of the Greater Powers of Sun Magic. The wizard Kalorane gave the city power to make mirages and illusions. It became a place of dreams and powerful delusions. It drove Jui-Rae’s enemies mad, but the city took on a life of its own. The enchantment drew ghosts who turned on Kalorane’s citizens and begin to toy with their minds. Objects and livestock in the city grew possessed by hostile spirits. Even the trees grew plagued with demons slowly growing twisted limbs into buildings and occasionally strangling its inhabitants. Kalorane’s forces are constantly at war with Kadosha over the vast resources of Manar Mines. In the same way Kalorane has produced its own warped bands of nefarious scoundrels.

Karus Forest [care-us for-est]:
Karus Forest is the wildest and most untamed wood of all Doljinaar. It is too large to be patrolled by the legions of Doljnaar, so the forest has become a hide for beasts, night mortals, brigands, magic-users, trollbreeds and long forgotten evils. Roads go for miles around the vast woods that teem with countless dangers.

Kildore [kill-door]:
The realm of Kildore lies on a remote isle in the Vespuviar Depths. The Minotaur have made their new home here after being driven from the mainland in their ancestral home of Garrlohan by the legions of Doljinaar in the Mino Wars. Suicidal poachers still prey on Kildore in hopes of scoring Minotaur hide, horns and bone.

King's Plaza, the [the king's pla-za]>:
The King's Plaza is a large plaza in the Myrdian District of the capital that houses all the important federal buildings of Doljinaar. The king's palace, the Imperium and the Temple of High King Doljinn are a few of the many important buildings located here. The plaza is also known for its breath-taking monuments and fountains.

Kingswood District [kings-wood dis-trict]:
One of the ten districts of Capital Doljinaar, City of Kings, the Kingswood District is the size of a metropolis. The Kingswood District, also sometimes called the "Old Kingswood" was once a lush forest before it was cut down and paved over by the capital. As result, the Kingwood's many buildings are covered in ivy, gardens, flowerboxes and founations to trying to recapture the spirit of the lost wood.

Kurn [kurn]:
Kurn is the greatest trade city of Doljinaar. Kurn is a sprawling metropolis known for its great harbor and vast markets that attract day mortals of all nations, but also for its crime and corruption. Kurn was once the Shamite capital before it become a forum for worldwide trade.

Kurn sewers [kurn sue-ers]:
The Kurn sewers have deteriorated into a criminal underworld. Old maintenance and storerooms have been converted into underground compounds, guildhalls, shops, taverns, brothels and more. Night mortals and thieves sneak into the city to trade in the Black Markets, making the sewers a very rough place.

Lewd's Highway [lewd's high-way]: See Old Thieves Trail

Lewd's Palace [lewd's pal-ace]:
Lewd's Palace, also known as the Old Mino Palace, is the seat of power in the Kurn Sewers. Lewd has brought all the vast powers of the criminal underworld, that breeds in the sewers of Kurn, under his control. He is the only crimelord in history to control all quadrants. Lewd has stuffed the heads of five conquered crimelord and hung them above his throne.

In previous years, the Kurn Sewers has been largely divided by crimelords segregated by race and faction. Now Lewd rules the quadrants of Thieves, Mages, Doelms, Drakor, Syssrah and the Old Mino Quadrant. Lewd has a trap door in his throne room, in which he throws unwanted visitors or subjects into the Sharkgates, the only gated off section of the Kurn Sewers filled with the amphibious man-eating Sharlak.

Longhorn Inn & Tavern, the [the long-horn inn & tav-urn]:
The Longhorn Inn & Tavern is built right off the South Docks of Capital Doljinaar and is frequented mostly by sailors. It attracts mainly Haradrian Loyalists, but has been known to draw in Haradrain Icefarers during harsh storms. The mixing of the two opposing clans is often enough to bust a few heads.
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