Wasting Wall, the [the waste-ing wall]:
The Wasting Wall refers to the ancient, ailing wall that was erected at the beginning of the Elf Wars. After the first bloodshed, spilt in the Manarian Palace between the Elves and Dark Elves, both Elvish houses blamed each other for the king’s death and the start of the war. They began building a wall between Jui-Rae and Jui-Sae, starting at the capital of Manaria. The wall stretched for miles, but was never finished as the Elf Wars broke out into a bloody civil war. The wall has fallen into ruin over the two thousand year old war and has garnered the name the Wasting Wall.

West Docks
[west docks]:
The West Docks of Capital Doljinaar, City of Kings, are located in the Darum District. They were recently relocated as the Darum District was constructed on rocky coastland further west as Doljinaar expanded, but runs into the most seasonal trouble. Winter in the Duvildarum Waterways freezes the docks over and spring brings tidal floods that often destroy the West Docks. As result, Doljinaarian engineers have constructed a massive dock platform called the mainstay designed to rise and fall with the seasonal tides. This has saved the docks in the spring, although they remain frozen in deadlock during the annual winter freeze.

Wildeye Sward [wild-eye sward]:
The pass north of Jui-Rae that divides the civilized southeastern lands from the dark and barbaric realms of the more monstrous night mortals. Wildeye Sward lies on the doorstep of the Blacklands and is often plagued with Doelm raids. Airborn fears such as dragons and Drakor also pose other dangers from the west. Wildeye is considered wild and untamed land. Doljinaar has taken a keen interest in this pass and has built a fortress here. Doljinaar works with the Elves of Glorindel to keep Wildeye safe, as it is considered a gate to the west. This protects the trade interests between the world of men and Elves, as well as the western cities of both nations. Wildeye is dry scrubland often known for its wildfires during the hot summer months.

Vespuviar Depths, the [the ves-poo-v-ar depths]:
The Vespuviar Depths is the massive ocean between Sylvane and the massive continents to the west. It was named after the sea-faring clan of men called the Vespuvians who navigate much of its waters. The Vespuvians have settled on many distant isles in this ocean and help bolster Doljinaar's vast navy. It is also said that Vespuvians have built a few uncharted cities, but Doljinaar has let it slide since the Vespuvians have remained loyal and help police these waters.

The Vespuviar Depths has been known to have problems with pirates and sea serpents. In addition myterious Black Ships of half-bred night mortals occasionally raid coastal villages and carry off slaves. The depths are also the dwelling of the friendly Sea Elves who have deep sea cities, but also the hostile Sharlak that have been feared for coming ashore for feedings.

Like most of Covent's oceans the Vespuviar Depths remains largely unexplored. Settlements from migratory peoples have begun sprouting up all over the coasts of unsettled continents and isles. Doljinaar remains the greatest power of the seas and the best source for law and order in these vast open waters.

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