Valsharen [val-shar-an]:
The Valsharen, or Riverfolk, are a clan of humans who live off the lakes and rivers of Doljinaar. Valsharen are relatively peaceful, but they can spear a would-be thief some forty feet right off the shore. The Riverfolk have strange blue hair strung with beads. They live in complex river towns both ashore and on houseboats. Valsharen are skilled fisherman, boatmen and run a barrel-running service that ferries goods across Doljinaar.

Vespuvian [ves-poo-v-an]:
Vespuvians are a clan of seafaring humans that are more at home at sea. They have only a handful of port cites on the mainland, but an untold number of other cities in the Vespuviar Depths. Vespuvians have long black hair they typically wear tied back in a ponytail. They are loyal to Doljinaar so long as the kingdom continues to keep their ports secure and the seas open. They’re employed as explorers, deep sea fishermen, whalers, poachers and a growing number have adopted a life of piracy.

Wickovan [wi-cove-an]:
The Wickovan, or Witchmen, are a clan of humans whose ways are steeped in the Black Arts. The Wickovan sprinkle themselves with ash and used to practice their rituals in Fogrim Forest. Though, the Wickovan never openly fought Doljinaar, the kingdom outlawed many Wickovan practices that included human sacrifices. As result, the Wickovan have scattered all over the kingdom where they secretly continue their witchcrafts.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Wild Dwarves [wild dwarves]:
Wild Dwarves is the name given to the Dwarves of Ak'rim. Ak'rim is a Dwarven outpost built undernearth the dangerous volcanic mountains of Doruggdoom. Ak'rim has been reconstructed several times due to the constant cave-ins and volcanic activity. The Wild Dwarves are an indigenous tribe of dwarves who refuse to abandon their ancient caverns, but serve as a valued frontline in the underrealms against cave dragons, Drakor and worse trying to invade the Underground Kingdom of Gildron. Wild Dwarves grow wild red unkempt beards and hair. They are the wildest of warriors. Some Wild Dwarves have left their caverns to pursue lives as mercenaries.

Wilderman [will-der-man]:
Wildermen are an indigenous tribe of short wiry humanoids that inhabit small pockets of the wilds of Doljinaar. Wildermen resist western society and live in tiny encampments in rural unpopulated lands. They are territorial, but defend only the resources they need for their tribe to survive. They do not understand cities and are relatively shy, though curious about big folk. Wildermen can be hostile, but they pick their fights carefully. They live out largely ignored lives in and around their camps. The Wildermen of the Ice Marshes ride Muckhogs, wield spears and spit hot coals out of blowpipes, which has proven effective in scaring off larger threats of both fierce predators and dangerous big folk.
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