Sada'odan [sade-a-o-dan]:
The Sada'odan is Sadora's secret circle of Unseen. They are also the deadliest and most loyal assassins. The Sada'odan's deadly abilities are legendary in Jui-Sae and widely feared in Jui-Rae. Sadora has the king of Jui-Sae convinced the circle doesn't exist, but through it he has carried out some of the most brutal acts in the Elf Wars. The Sada'odan are trained in an ancient prison, the Sada'Korum thought to be abandoned, but from where Sadora chose his circle's name.

Unseen Elite [un-seen e-leet]:
Only the toughest and most loyal Unseen Assassins get to join the Sada'Odan. These cold savage Unseen are willing to do any dark bidding their master requires of them, even if it means doing away with one of Sadora's rivals and his entire family.

Sai-ing's Finger [sigh-ings fin-ger]:
The honory title Sadora give's his prize pupil and righthand assassin. Sai-ing is the silver moon and king of the moon gods. The words together represents "one touched by the gods." It is a position of envy amongst the Unseen and all Unseen taken into the secret circle strive to attain this position. Shade rose to this position while he lived in Jui-Sae, but he eventually fled his homeland due to a stained concience.

Lord Sadora [lord sa-dore-a]:
Sadora, or the Shadowlord, as he is known in Jui-Sae is lord over all Unseen. Sadora is a chief adviser to the Dark Elven king and leads Jui-Sae’s Shadowhand Division in the Elf Wars. The Shadowhand Division has been questioned numerous times due to numerous reports of war crimes, but nothing has ever been proved. Sadora is also responsible for training all Unseen and utilizes his secret circle to deadly effect.

 Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

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