Scoundrels of Kadosha [ka-doe-sha]:
Kadosha, the Unseen City, is a wretched ruin of a city that has attracted only the deadliest and most rugged of Dark Elves. Kadosha is under a constant enchantment rendering the city invisible to the outside world, but under the veil of magic it is largely haunted, breeding the most twisted of citizens. Being on the border of Jui-Sae, Kadosha is also in a constant state of war. As result, Kadosha has bred some of the meanest and dirtiest warriors of all Jui-Sae. Scoundrels of Kadosha have earned their dastardly reputation amongst the ranks of Jui-Sae's armies and even worldwide fame. It is a little known fact that even Lord Sadora himself hailed from Kadosha, though he now lives in the capital.

Shadowwolf Order [sha-doe-wolf ore-der]:
The Shadowwolf Order is the name of the Unseen Order of Kadosha, and the most world famous unit of all Kadosha. The Unseen of this order are the most rugged of Dark Elves, but are also master wolf-tamers. The largest and the meanest wolves in the kingdom are bred in Kadosha, master and wolf a most deadly pairing in battle. Many members of the Shadowwolf Order are fight for the Shadowhand Division and are unquestionably loyal to Lord Sadora.

Kadosha Regular Army [ka-doe-sha]:
Kadosha is always in a constant state of war over Manar Mines, a resource rich valley that lies between the Unseen City and the enemy city of Kalorane. As results, a large standing army is always required to secure resources and protect the city. This army is comprised of local city guards and more specialized units such as Shadow Warriors and Shadow Mages. Many of Kadosha's regular army fights for the Shadowhand Division and are unquestionably loyal to Lord Sadora.

Kadosha Militia [ka-doe-sha]:
Kadosha Militia are nothing to sneeze at unlike other militias found in other towns or cities. It is a ragtag collect of brigands, thieves and murderers all loyal to Duke Qitaar. They say Kadosha's militia is mean enough to spit teeth.

Soulreapers [soul-reap-ers]:
The most feared and distrusted unit of all Kadosha, even by the Unseen City's crazed citizens. Soulreapers are apostate mages steeped in the black arts. They carry tall iron staffs with tannamite nooses with which they capture shadowy spirits. A Soulreaper controls his spirit and may sick the apparition on the enemy, which slays foes in droves. The trouble with Soulreapers is that they sometimes they lose control of their spirits and the angry apparitions turn on their former masters.

Units Worthy of Mention:

Duke Qitaar [ki-tar]:
Duke Qitaar is the ruler of the infamous unseen city of Kadosha. He is currently away on active duty serving under Lord Sadora. Qitaar is a dog of a Faelin, bereft of the drab civilities that makes him fit right into the Shadowhand Division. Qitaar, also known as the "Butcher of Kadosha" is widely known for his brutality and darker amusements. He is never without his loyal Shadow Wolf, Gurlik and commands the respect of his entire city.

Gurlik [gur-lick]:
Gurlik is the huge and loyal Shadow Wolf of Duke Qitaar. Gurlik is the largest wolf of all Kadosha with an impressive silver heckle. He will maul anyone who gets in his way or tossed his way by his master. Gurlik is a cunning wolf with an almost human-like intelligence.

Elflord Yilnach [yeel-nock]:
A prideful, but competent brownnoser, Lord Yilnach rules Kadosha in Qitaar's stead. He was born of a rich family and has been known to be somewhat cruel to the poor. He garners little respect, but gets the job done.

Ogred, the Ogre King [oh-gred]:
An outcast forced to live in the wilds, only Duke Qitaar has permitted this fiend to scratch out a living in a cave, without a lynch party hunting him down. A giant believed to only be a bedtime story amongst the young princes of Jui-Sae, Ogred is a freak of nature. Standing over twice as tall as any other Faelin, Ogred has been shunned and drags unfortunate beasts and victims into his lair.

It was once told that Ogred was actually the long lost twin brother of King Solshistaar, of the Faelin, tossed out as an infant to die in the wild due to his freakish size and nature. It is said that Ogred hangs onto this family history bitterly and fancies himself the legitimate heir to the throne of Jui-Sae. Few Faelin have ever been able to confirm whether such tales are true and so a giant-sized bedtime story he remains.

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