A voice calls from the desert...

Shade is no longer himself. Nightmares and visions of Obsidious, the blazing black Elder Dragon, continue to torment him shaking his ordinarily unshakeable resolve. The rough men of Jile are beginning to take notice. Shade’s enemies grow bolder. The Allurah, the powerful queen of the Syssrah, lures Shade to the deserts of Syssrinya with promises of an artifact, that may at last free him of his torments, a weapon said to be able to slay gods and Elder Dragons, yet the journey is not all it seems.

In exchange for the promised artifact, Shade must slay the monarch of the snake people, a request that may cost him a piece of his very soul. A veil of secrets lay lost in the deserts of the Syssrah, the tongues of the snake people weave many lies. It is Shade’s most disturbing journey yet, from lands crawling with snakes and Syssrah, to the mysterious mind powers of the Psionart, he is forced to wander through deserts of mirages and powerful delusions.

Back home in Jile, the town sinks into a turf war between the powerful Drug Cartels. The fragile peace of Jile and Shade’s many connections fall under threat. Goldtongue, the Shamite with the tongue of solid gold, moves in to claim his own slice of Jile’s lucrative Stardust market. Goldtongue’s influence brings a lot of strange and exotic new muscle to Jile’s dark streets. In Shade’s absence the drug war spirals out of control.

Yet Shade remains too far away from home to help the honest folk of Jile. The Allurah calls to him, enticing him deeper into the very heart of the snake nest. Her seductive voice caresses his darkest thoughts, toys with his most vulnerable temptations. Syssrinya, Land of the Snake People, becomes the desert of Shade’s lost soul. A land of slain gods, giant wyrms, buried secrets and even more lies. A great many eyes watch Shade from the shadows. A ghost from the past, a temptress of the present, a horrific burning specter of the future that still yearns to feast on his flesh for all time...

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