Shadowhand Division [sha-dow-hand]:
The Shadowhand Division is the southern division of Jui-Sae, currently engaged in the Ashwood. The division is currently under the command of Sadora, Shadowlord over all Unseen. The Shadowhand Division is a cruel and brutal division that will stop at nothing to win the Elf Wars. Ruthless and widely feared, Sadora has left a trail of burned villages and fields of enemy dead all over the south.  The Shadowhand Division employs mostly Unseen Assassins, Unseen Guardians, but does have its shared of Shadow Mages, Shadow Archers, mounted horse, scouts, heavy artillery, light cavalry and of course its infamous Scoundrels of Kadosha. And some say Sadora keeps a secret circle of Unseen...


Shadowlord Sadora
Sadora, or the Shadowlord, as he is known in Jui-Sae is lord over all Unseen. He is considered by many to be the deadliest Dark Elf alive. Sadora is a chief adviser to the Dark Elven king and leads Jui-Sae’s Shadowhand Division in the Elf Wars. The Shadowhand Division has been questioned numerous times due to numerous reports of war crimes, but nothing has ever been proved.

Sadora is also responsible for training all Unseen. It is said he keeps a secret circle of Unseen to carry out his dark plots called the Sada'odan. Shade was once the lead assassin in this secret circle until he fled west due to a scarred conscience. It still spurns Sadora that he has never found a suitable replacement for Shade.

Art contributed by artist Thom Scott

Duke Qitaar
Duke Qitaar is the ruler of the infamous unseen city of Kadosha. He is currently away on active duty serving under Lord Sadora. Qitaar is a dog of a Faelin, bereft of the drab civilities that makes him fit right into the Shadowhand Division. Qitaar, also known as the "Butcher of Kadosha" is widely known for his brutality and darker amusements. He is never without his loyal Shadow Wolf, Gurlik, and he oversees many of Kadosha's famed Scoundrels of Kadosha including but not limited to the Shadowwolf Order, Kadosha's army, militia, reserves and a few units that not even Qitaar himself would dare jot down on paper...

Captain Gregor [gre-gore]:
Captain Gregor is tough military leader who has enjoyed the longest tenure of any of Sadora's captain, who he has a history of doing away with. Many officers have high hopes for Gregor, who Sadora has taken a shine to.

Specialized Units

Scoundrels of Kadosha [ka-doh-sha]:
Kadosha, the Unseen City, is a wretched ruin of a city that has attracted only the deadliest and most rugged of Dark Elves. Kadosha is under a constant enchantment rendering the city invisible to the outside world, but under the veil of magic it is largely haunted, breeding the most twisted of citizens. Being on the border of Jui-Sae, Kadosha is also in a constant state of war. As result, Kadosha has bred some of the meanest and dirtiest warriors of all Jui-Sae. Scoundrels of Kadosha have earned their dastardly reputation amongst the ranks of Jui-Sae's armies and even worldwide fame. It is a little known fact that even Lord Sadora himself hailed from Kadosha, though he now lives in the capital.

The Sada'odan [say-dah-o-dan]:
The Sada'odan is not on the official roster of the Shadowhand Division, but are Sadora's secret circle of Unseen. They are also the deadliest and most loyal assassins. The Sada'odan's deadly abilities are legendary in Jui-Sae and widely feared in Jui-Rae. Sadora has the king of Jui-Sae convinced the circle doesn't exist, but through it he carried out some of the most brutal acts in the Elf Wars. The Sada'odan are trained in an ancient prison, the Sada'korum thought to be abandoned, but from where Sadora derived his circle's name.

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