Whalechasers [wail-chase-ers]:
Whalechasers are a sect of extreme religious nuts that do not believe in the conventional gods of Covent. Instead, they define a rare species of whale called Sky Whales. Sky Whales are about the size of average whales, but they can fly through the skies and are extremely hard to find. Their bodies glow like a jelly fish and their skin is said to contain regenerative properties. As result, Whalechasers believe that merely touching a Sky Whale can cure someone of any malady. Every year dozens of disenchanted whale chasing expeditions leave shore trying to find healing. Few of them ever return...

Whale Crier [wail cry-er]:
Whale-chasing expeditions are always led by a charismatic speaker, usually a young man or woman some have come to call a Whale Crier. Whale Criers are always taken in by the legend and very good at spreading their messages of hope to the sick and their loved ones. Whale Criers are usually successful in recruiting an entire boatload or even an entire fleetload of hopefuls for a whale chasing expedition.

The Sick [the sick]:
Lepers, cripples and people wasting away with disease often flock to Whale Criers after they have exhausted every other avenue to find healing. By the time a sick person and their loved ones have sacrificed to every god and temple under the sun, they are willing to try anything and often get wooed by such bizarre and outlandish promises of healing.

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